Cards & Consequences: Return of Marlena the Magnificent

Cards & Consequences: Return of Marlena the Magnificent

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Glenn Shorkey By grtwriter0202 Completed

The use/belief in tarot cards as an extra resource for decisions is a central theme for Marlena Christie, an All That Woman who combines upper crust physical, intellectual, financial, and spiritual attributes.

When her tarot reader, Vatche, delivers a dramatic Tower clarifying card to her Hopes and Fears position, he expects a very lucky man will soon learn how willing she is to alter significant parts of her very desirable life to reclaim.
Vatche's reading, and a Universe that has always smiled on her efforts are part of Marlena's confidence, but modesty aside, second chances with a superstar woman will require specific changes and actions!

Initially stunned by the magical doorway appearance of someone whose memory he's almost erased from an unsatisfying life, Edgar Allan Starkes is indeed smart enough to grasp the joyous opportunity  the panther sleek Woman before him represents. 

When he recaps six weeks of their togetherness, from learning conversational Italian to winning a celebrity doubles tennis tournament, trysting in unique locations without worrying how she knows about them, and achievements relative to her international art business, it's obvious how right Marlena was about returning his good karma to her life.

Living the Truly Good Life take a uniquely different tangent after Marlena introduces Eddie to tarot reading, a strong and unusual part of her mental arsenal, and leveraging her considerable business and social connections, they set out to achieve a short but highly rewarding list of art thefts for Marlena's powerful former guardian-now mentor, Silas Randson.

Events - including a 2 a.m. swimming race that costs her ownership of a Maserati - proceed smoothly until immediately prior to socialite grande dame MaryLou Whitney's Travers Eve party, when they run into Jackson Rommel, a handsome but dangerous gigolo and sociopath from Marlena's childhood.