1 | Fumble

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"She said I ain't gon' change
Ever since the day we met
And her mama said the same
I dropped the ball I'm so ashamed
I'm bad news, real bad news,
I fumbled your heart" 
- Trey Songz

"She said I ain't gon' change Ever since the day we met And her mama said the same I dropped the ball I'm so ashamed I'm bad news, real bad news, I fumbled your heart"  - Trey Songz

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I walked around Brynn's office, taking in the many plaques and certificates that lined the walls. She's come so far since the last time I've seen her. The hurt and defeated look in her eyes the night that she found out what I'd been hiding from her is something that I'll never forget. I took complete advantage of how forgiving and loving Brynn was, especially when it came to me. In my mind she would never leave me, regardless of how much I hurt and dogged her out. Brynn and I had a connection out of this world, and I played on that connection until I broke her.

"Please don't touch anything Gabe. She's probably going to fire me when she sees I let you in here." My younger cousin Aimee called out. I ignored her warning and walked around Brynn's desk, picking up a framed picture of her and my parents from her college graduation. Besides Destiny, my family was the only ones to show up for her. It's been that way since I started dating her when she was a freshman and I was a junior.

"And if it weren't for me you wouldn't even know Brynn so chill yo ass out." I put the frame back in it's place turning my attention to a picture of her, Destiny and Aimee. I picked up the frame, taking a closer look at the picture. "She was there." I spoke more to myself, but I know Aimee heard me. The picture was from my game against the Rockets. It was my first time playing in the finals and the biggest game of my career.

"It was supposed to be a surprise, Destiny and I drug her out the house for a surprise girls weekend and she was excited since she hadn't been back home since she finished law school. She was even excited to see you when she realized it was your game we were at."

"Why didn't she come to our box then? You and Destiny was there." If I know a lot of my family is coming I'll usually rent out a box suite for them. Everyone was there that night. Everyone except the one person I wanted to see.

"That was also the game you had auntie bring Brae out for the first time. She didn't feel like it was her place to initiate a meeting with your daughter and she didn't want to risk a run in with your baby moms. She also didn't want us to end our night early because of her so she sat in the stands and left right before the game was over." I sat the frame back on her desk, walking over to see the view of the Las Vegas strip from her office window.

"Maybe this is a bad idea."

"It's a horrible idea, but you need help and Brynn gets at least three cases a month that deal with your situation. Besides, I don't think there's anyone in this world who you trust more than Brynn with your personal business."

"You're right about that."

"I know. Now take a seat. Brynn will be here in ten minutes and I need to go make her a latte and clear her mailbox. Don't touch shit, Gabe." She pointed her finger at me in a warning before walking out. I waved her off and walked over to another door in her office. I opened it to see a full bathroom along with a wardrobe and shoe rack.

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