Lost Love Latte

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Marcie, a woman in an unhappy relationship, gets a little magical help as she learns to focus her love on the right person.
This story was contributed by Sabrina Blackburry

Hey bb

Can't make it 2nite

C U at home

Three lines of texts. Three little lines of texts, in a long string of disappointing messages lately. I sighed, scrolling up and trying to find the last time I got one of his short and sweet ILY messages.

"Marcie, are you on your phone again?" Clara asked. "I know your boyfriend sucks, but you're going to cut your fingers off if you're distracted."

I pocketed my phone, blushing as I looked over to my manager.

"Sorry, Clara." I picked up the knife and went back to cutting off the overflow chocolate from the candy molds we had just emptied. Soon they would be decorations on the top of an assortment of chic cupcakes at a Valentine's Day party. The kind of event I'd love to be at tonight, but instead I guess I could start planning my romantic takeout order from down the street and which set of sweatpants I was going to wear on the couch. Alone.

The bell over the door chimed as a customer came in. I groaned internally, we had just gotten over the last rush and had a moment to breathe, and now here was another last minute Valentine's shopper, probably looking for an afterthought gift because they don't know how to prioritize and plan their week. Around a holiday! That comes around EVERY YEAR! I mean, how hard is it to remember a day of romance with your girlfriend when she's the one who did all the work? Huh? Reservations at your favorite place, a walk by the river, and a giftcard to that new skating rink that you suggested we try sometime?

"Marcie," Clara hissed. "You're scowling again."

I blinked. Oops.

"Welcome, do you need any help?" Clara called.

The young woman who was browsing our boxes of truffles looked up at us and smiled. "No thanks, I just came for my Mom's favorites. It's Valentine's Day, you know?"

I clenched my jaw. Yeah, I know.

The woman came up to the counter and Clara started ringing her up when she looked over to me. "You look like you could use a little love today."

I resisted the urge to sigh at her. My throat tightened. Instead, I answered very softly. "Maybe."

She nodded, and pulled something from her purse. "Here, I highly recommend her, and her shop isn't far from here. Why don't you get a drink after work?"

I looked at the business card she had slid across the counter to me. I set down my knife and took off my glove, picking it up to see better.

"Magical Mary's Drinks and Tonics," I murmured, looking up. "Is this a bar?"

The young woman giggled. "No, but I promise she'll have something to help. Love is her specialty."

"Thank you," Clara said, bagging up the customer's purchase. "Come again!"

The woman winked at me, and left with her bag of truffles. I stared after her, then back at the card again. Flipping it over, there was a tiny map. It really is close by. Strange that I haven't seen it before.

"Do you want to go?" Clara asked.

I looked down at the card again. "What, to the drink place for love help? Pffft. What is a drink going to do, make Lance clean up his act?"

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