Savanna Meets Cupid

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Surviving her first ever speed dating experience is top of Savanna's list? Can she survive meeting Cupid too?
This story was contributed by Rebecca-Jade

I hate my friends.

It'll be fun, they said.

Nothing will go wrong, they promised.

They had clearly never met Sebastian Reynolds. Or Tristen Lowes. Or Daniel Lightfoot for that matter. All desperate to impress and here for one thing and one thing only; to find love.

"What do you do for a living?" asked Sebastian–or rather Seb after he so kindly insisted I call him by his shortened name.

"I'm an accountant," I replied. "You?"

"Oh my God, same! It's fate!"

I drank from my wine glass to hide the grimace forming on my face.

"Do you believe in all that?" I asked. "Fate?"

He nodded and I feared his head would fall off from the sheer force in which he did so. I pictured it detaching from his shoulders, rolling to the floor and stopping just before my feet.

What the fuck is wrong with me?

"Do you?"



He smiled, showcasing a perfect set of teeth.

"So, any siblings?"

Thankfully, the buzzer sounded, signalling the end of our time together. I didn't feel comfortable telling this man I'd known for all of five minutes about my family. Then again, nothing about this setup was comfortable.

"Thank you, Savanna. It was lovely chatting to you."

Did he just thank me?

"You too."

Neither of us offered up our phone number and for that, I was grateful. I'd already gone through the ordeal of telling Tristen thanks but no thanks.

What a fucking disaster!

I watched Seb's retreating form and whilst bracing myself for whoever was next, I shot a quick message to my friends on Whatsapp.

Savanna_xo: SOS! This is a disaster!!!

Freddie._.Freaks: Why?

Savanna_xo: It just is!

Freddie._.Freaks: Have you accidently flashed your tits?

Savanna_xo: No.

Freddie._.Freaks: Joined a cult?

Savanna_xo: No.

Freddie._.Freaks: Pissed your pants?"

Savanna_xo: NO!

Freddie._.Freaks: Then it's going exactly as it should.

XxJuliaxX: Just relax, babe. Speed dating is supposed to be a fun experience and it will be if you embrace it.


The gruff undertones of a man's voice forced my gaze upwards, rendering me incapable of replying to Freddie and Julia. Slate-grey eyes met my ocean blue's, stealing my very breath.


Elegantly carved, this man's face was both immaculate and flawed in the most bizarre way possible. His slightly misshapen nose told me he'd broken it a few times, perhaps playing rugby? His physique would certainly suggest he was into sport. And sandy blonde, almost caramel hair sat tussled atop his gorgeous head, perfectly unbrushed.

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