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Pen Your Pride

Melody Cullen ~ Twilight Fan Fiction ~

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Hi everyone! This is going to be my first story, I love twilight so I hope you all enjoy this story! It's based years after breaking dawn, Bella and Edward didn't just have Renesmee, they had twins but poor little Melody was kidnapped and no longer remembers her parents!

I hope you all like it!


I fiddled with my small golden locket around my neck, as I always did when I was nervous. I ran my finger across the smooth curves creating an elegant heart. A small key hole placed perfectly in the center, begging for a key. I shook my head at my simple incompetence. I lost the key years ago, and now I've all but forgotten what was in it. I took it to several locksmiths but they all told me the same thing. That it would be impossible to recreate a key.

But I suppose it doesn't matter anymore. What matters is I have the unique locket, and nothing would take that away from me. I'd feel naked without it, almost unsafe, as if the heart had some mystical charm I didn't know about. I smirked at my strange imagination. Then again anything is possible. Just like me.

Being half-vampire and half-human didn't make growing up easy. But I made do with what I had. Left alone in this world with only a note to tell me what was wrong and what was right. I can't say I grew up without developing any problems. Like the hatred of my parents, my allergy to carrots and my undeniable lust for blood.

I wish I grew up normal. Hell I wish I grew up human. But I guess you can't always get what you want. Although a home would have been nice. Breaking into abandoned buildings isn't exactly my ideal hobby. And now as I walk the lone streets of the small town Forks, I can't help but feel like something undeniably bad is about to happen.


Well that was the intro! I hope you all liked it! I'll get started on the next chapter right now and thanks for reading!

Love you all!

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