Chapter Eighteen

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 Unedited. Excuse the mistakes.

“Hey, Anita, can you help me with something?” I ask, looking up from the phone after I check the time.

“Yes but what is it?” She asks after she’s done doing the dishes. Anita and I had breakfast half and hour ago and though I offered to help, she politely declined, so while she’s been busy doing that, I’ve been daydreaming and a thought came to my head.

“Well, I don’t know if Carter would like it but I think I want to surprise him later at lunch with some homemade food.”

She chuckles. “Why all of a sudden?”

I shrug. “I don’t know, I just feel like doing something nice.”

She smiles. “I’m sure Mr.Carter would love that but what do you need my help for?”

I stand up from the stool I have been sitting on, “I honestly don’t know what he would like, so yeah. I don’t want to make anything that might make Carter bloat up like a potato.”

She laughs again. “Mr.Carter isn’t allergic to anything, so you don’t have to worry about making something that would make him bloat up like a potato but I think you can’t go wrong with Spaghetti because Mr.Carter loves Spaghetti.”

And that’s what we did. Anita helped me prepare Spaghetti because I’m not familiar with Italian cuisine and Spaghetti may be easy enough but I didn’t want to over season it or destroy the dish in some way because I’m a novice when it comes to Italian cuisine.

I then take the extra car in the garage to go to Sean’s office building, where Carter would be right about now but I take a turn to the nearest Starbucks because well, I felt like getting a caramel frappuccino.

After I order and get my drink, I proceed to leave the store but as I open the door to leave, I see someone walk towards the door next to me, all I can see is what she’s wearing but I don’t get to stare at her for too long, she seems to trip and spill all the contents of her coffee all over me.

I stare wide-eyed at her horrified expression and the scalding sensation that burns my skin as soon as my skin comes in contact with him. “I am so sorry!” exclaims the stranger. her long brown hair swaying against her porcelain skin, her beautiful blue eyes and her pink lips seem to make her look like a beautiful doll that’s come to life.

I bite my tongue till I can taste the blood mix with my saliva in my mouth so I don’t scream or cry due to the pain. “I-It’s okay.” I croak.

The stranger brushes her finger on my arm, “Did it burn your skin? Oh gosh, it did.” She then proceeds wrap her hand around my wrist and walk me to the restroom where she then proceeds to rinse my arm with the cold water in the sink. After my arm that was scalded is full rinsed with water, the area that’s been scalded then feels numb a little. She turns off the tap and brings my arm to her eyes for inspection. She then breathes a sigh of relief, “It’s red a little but it’ll heal.” She looks back at me, “Again, I’m sorry.”

I slowly pull my arm away, “It’s alright, you don’t have to worry about it.”

It’s then that her eyes wander my entire body and she looks at me guilty, “I destroyed your dress. I really should help you get a new one.” she pauses, thinking, “No. I will get you a new one.” she says determined.

I raise my hands to stop her, “No. It’s alright, I’ll just go home and..’ I raise my un-scalded arm where my watch is strapped to and curse, lunch is in half and hour and I don’t think I can return, change and come back in that span of time without breaking some road laws.

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