Chapter Ten

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“The one and only!” the man, who was apparently called Caleb, exclaimed.

A big grin starts to take form on Carter’s face, and as I watch them they simultaneously reach out to hug each other, and after a second or two Carter pulls away, “How long has it been?”, he asks ,shock still apparent on his face.

“Six months”, Carter says as he steps aside to let Caleb walk in.


“Man, it feels so good to be back in the States.” Caleb’s eyes scan the room, and they eventually land on me. Surprise graces his features, which I hadn’t noticed before. His hair is jet black, his eyes a hazel tint, and his skin is lightly tanned; I notice that his facial features resemble those of Matt Bomer.


“Who is this?” he asks curiously.

“My wife.” Carter says confidently, smiling at the reaction that he know will come after his statement.

“Bloody hell! When did you even get married?” His brows are now furrowed as he eyes me, and slowly a realization dawns on him, and he turns to me, “Don’t tell me you married this one in Vegas.” He points at me when he says ‘this one’.

“No. I married him willingly; and, no, Carter was not drunk, nor was he forced.”

Okay, so the forced part was only partly true, but this Caleb guy didn’t need to know that.


Caleb smirks, “She’s sassy, I like her.” He then turns his gaze back to Carter, “But seriously, why’d you marry her, mate?”

“I love her. That’s the only reason why I’d ever marry her.” He says breezily. I’m actually quite surprised he never told Caleb the truth, it looked like both Caleb and Carter were best friends. “So, how was the United Kingdom?” Carter asks, trying to change the subject to something else. I can tell from the expression on Carter’s face that he’s a little uncomfortable lying about the subject of our marriage, but I guess he has his reasons for doing so.

“Quite boring actually. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love being there, but it gets quite boring when all I do in the day and at night is work and help manage dad’s law firm branch, which is in England.” It’s now that I realize that Caleb has a slight accent when he speaks.

“Are you British by any chance?” I ask curiously.

“Well, that depends on what you mean by British. I’m both a citizen of the US and the UK, but yes, I have a slight British accent.”

I look at him confused, “What? Why? How?”

Carter answers for me, “Caleb’s mother is British, his parents divorced when he was two. He’d been living with his mother till he was eleven which was when…” He stops halfway, waiting for Caleb to complete the story.

“She died. She was sick.” he looks down at his feet, takes a deep breath in, and continues speaking, “So, after my mother died, my Dad and I moved here. I met Carter when I entered High School, and we’ve been friends ever since.” he then turns to Carter, “Don’t worry about talking about my mother, mate. I’m okay with it.” He says.

Carter and Caleb then spent the rest of the time talking about things that only the two of them knew, inside jokes and so on; it made me feel a little excluded watching these two friend’s catch up.

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