Chapter Fifteen

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 Unedited version of Chapter 15, so yeah. Excuse the mistakes. Also, please read the author's note at the end, it is important, thank you.

You know how sometimes when a bride is getting ready for her wedding day or when she's close to her wedding day, she turns into a complete and total Bridezilla?

Yeah, that is exactly what is happening with Ingrid Richmond right now. Ingrid is Carter’s cousin and one of my female bridesmaids at my wedding to Carter, now, I’m one of her bridesmaids and Carter is one of her husband to be’s groomsmen.

And Ingrid is officially freaking out right now, “What the hell do you mean the curtains aren’t cream? I specifically asked for cream curtain’s not eggshell curtains!” she says shouting at the person on the other side of the phone, she then angrily hangs up the phone and curses while the makeup artist is doing her eye makeup.

I stand up after the hairstylist is done styling my hair and walk towards Ingrid, “Hey, are you okay?”

The makeup artist finishes whatever eyeliner she needed and leaves me to talk to Ingrid in peace, I think the make up artist likes it this way, the entire time Ingrid was having her make up done, she was barking orders so loud at the make up artist that it probably scarred her for the day.

She looks at me, her teeth clenched, “Of course not, apparently my wedding planner is fucking incompetent.” She groans, “Ugh I should have never let Michael’s cousin plan our wedding, now what am I going to do? Tear down the curtains off the walls at the reception when I go in? I specifically told Michelle time and time again, the curtains needed to be cream.”

I stare wide-eyed at her and all my warning bells go off, either this woman is extremely nervous or she’s crazy and part of me is leaning on the latter. “Ingrid, calm down, you don’t honestly care about the colour of curtains, do you?”

She sighs and looks at me, her eyes full of worry, “Of course not, I’m just worried, am I doing the right thing marrying Michael?”

Oh, shit. No. One wrong word and she might take off and it’ll be my fault that Michael was left at the altar. Okay, Ava, breathe.

“Isn’t it a little too late to backout? We are already an hour away from making the biggest decision of your life.” I blurt.

My words seem to stress her out even more, she covers her face in her hands, “This is the biggest mistake I’ll ever make, right?” She raises her head and looks at me, “Right?”

“N-No.” I sigh and take Ingrid’s hands, “This is just nerves, you love Michael, don’t you?” I ask. She nods slowly and I smile, “So, what’s the matter, you’re going to take a vow to love this man till the end of your days, isn’t that a vow you want to make?”

She nods slowly, taking slow, steady breaths, “Yes, I do. I love Michael but what if this is a mistake? What if this whole marriage thing doesn’t work out? What if I end up getting tired of him? What then? I mean, my parents barely lasted ten years before they quit their relationship.” by now, all her bridesmaids have left to give her space and that is why she’s boldly admitting her thoughts to me.

I smile, “Just because your parent’s marriage failed, doesn’t mean yours will, for now you love Michael and he, you. So, don’t worry, every marriage has it’s obstacles, you just have to work through them, together.”

She smiles and hugs me, “Thank you, I felt like I needed to hear that.”

I pull away and smile, “I wouldn’t be a very good bridesmaid if I let the bride take off before her wedding even starts.”

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