Chapter Twelve

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Please note that this is the unedited version of Chapter 12, please excuse the mistakes :)

“Hello, love, where’s Carter?” Caleb asks when I open the front door. 

 I shrug. “He left a minute ago because that whining whore Elisa came for their date.”

 Caleb slides through the front door, he smirks. “I take it you hate Elisa as well.” Caleb states chuckling.

 "Hate is a very strong word, it’s more like, I detest the girl with all my heart and soul.”

 “Isn’t that hate?”

 “It’s not if I don’t kill her at the sight of her.”

 “You’re making no sense right now, Ava.”

 “No. You know what’s making no sense? The fact that Carter and Elisa have to go on a friggin’ date because she pretended to be me at the auction!”

 “Now to be fair, it was Estelle that told Carter, Elisa was you.”

 I staring waving my hand frantically, “That bitch! I don’t understand why Estelle hates me so much but approves of Elisa so much!”

 Caleb grabs my arms so I don’t end up hitting him, “Calm down, love. I’m sure Estelle has her reasons but I think she believes that Elisa wants what’s best for Carter.”

 I pull my arms away, “And why trust that girl but not me?” I ask still angry.

 “That’s because Elisa is Estelle’s cousin.” and in an effort to change the subject and make me feel better, he continues, “Why are you in your sweatpants, don’t we have to go out?”

 I shrug, “I don’t think it’s appropriate to go on a date with my husband’s friend.” I say.

 He rolls his eyes, “No, you can’t escape our plans today that easily, love. I paid good money to save you from another pervert.”

 It’s now my time to roll my eyes, “Were you even there at the auction? Nobody wanted me!”

 He shakes his head, “I don’t care, Ava. This isn’t a date, I already told you that. This is a hangout between friends.”

 I sigh, “Fine, I’ll go get changed, maybe it’s better if I get some fresh air, staying at home will only make my even more angry thinking about that bit-”

 “Now, you also need to learn that a lady, especially a Richmond keeps the cursing to a minimal.”

 I sigh, “Fine.”

                                                        *           *             *

 I decided to throw on a leather and knit sheath dress paired with black pumps because I felt like the other outfits were too formal. If it were up to me, I’d wear a white t-shirt and some jeans but when I put that on, Caleb sent me away, asking me to dress appropriately because I had an image to protect.

 And that’s how I got myself in this outfit I’m wearing right now. Caleb had somewhat brought me to a fancy italian restaurant in the Upper East Side. The both of us take a seat on the chairs at the table assigned to us. After we order, I take a good look of the surroundings.

 We were assigned to a table outside the restaurant because the restaurant’s inside is a little crowded and I don’t work well in crowds. There seems to be only three other couples sitting outside as well.

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