Chapter Six

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“Hey, Ava, are you still asleep? It’s twelve in the afternoon, you should really wake up.”

I open both my eyes and see Carter standing over the bed,  looking down at me. I  roll over to my side and groan, “Shut up, Cart. I slept late last night, okay? I’m tired. Let me sleep.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that, Ava.”

“Why not?” I ask, closing my eyes in an attempt to go back to sleep.

“Because today is an important day, you can’t miss it.”

“What’s so important about today?” I open one of my eyes, squinting at him.

I feel him getting closer to my sleeping face, “Your introduction to society as the new Mrs. Richmond is today.” I open one eye and see his face inches away from mine, and the smile he has on his face does not make me feel better about today. In fact, it makes me feel worse.

I groan and sit up, rubbing my eyes as I try to become more alert, “What the hell does that mean?”

Carter stands up and scoots me away so there’s space for him to sit himself on the bed, “It’s basically this party where you go and meet some of dad’s acquaintances and friends, and basically just let people get to know you, the new daughter in law of Sean Richmond.”

Carter’s words feel like they’re weighing me down. I already know I’ll be ignored by everyone the entire night, and even if people speak to me, they’ll probably ridicule me, “I know what you’re thinking but you should try giving them a chance, they won’t hate you as much as you think they will.”

I turn to him, “And how do you know that?” I ask.

He stands up and sighs, “Honestly, I don’t know, all we can do is hope they don’t hate you as much as you think.” He then walks towards the front door, but stops as soon as his hand his around the door knob, turning to look at me, “Oh and hurry down, we’re going dress shopping.”

“Wait. What?”

Unfortunately he doesn’t hear my reply, because by the time I am able to formulate some kind of response, he has already left the room.

Apparently, my ears heard right. Carter did say dress shopping. He asked me to go get breakfast early because he was bringing me dress shopping, he said he was taking me to this high end clothing store called Estelle’s, located at the Upper East Side.

It’s owned by Estelle Donoghue, who is an up-and-coming designer and stylist, she has designed clothes for celebrities and dressed them, or so Carter says. Her dresses range from evening wear to god knows, what ever kind of clothes a woman needs I guess.

           *                   *               *

When Carter and I arrive at the mall, I take a look around, and then I spot Estelle’s. We’re on the side of the mall where only those who are planning to buy expensive clothing come, and it overwhelms me for a bit, but then I remember that this is a part of being a Richmond. I focus on Estelle’s again, her store is the size of an entire shopping mall, if not, larger. The store is brightly lit, and it glitters like a jewel; there is an escalator leading up to the second floor and to the evening wear section.

Carter directs me up this escalator, and just as we are about to start looking for slothing, I am taken by surprise; I see a young girl with beautiful, wavy, dark red hair. Her brown eyes shine happily as she runs toward us, and she gets more and more excited as she comes closer to us. No, not us, she’s running towards Carter, “Ohmygosh! Is that really you? Carter?” When she’s near enough to get a good look at the both of us, a grin crosses her face, making her look even prettier.

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