Part XIX: Jealousy

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As i open the door on living room i saw jennie lying on the semi bed couch watching t.v .

I bough fruit stocks veggies and other food stuff if we want to cook food . And i only bough take out food because I am tired too I don't have time and energy to cook . I changed my mind so i order take out foods instead.

Jagiya ! -jennie shouted immediately as she heard the door open and quickly get up from the couch an hugged .

Owwww woaaah earlier before I left you looks so drained but now you're okay . Are you not sleepy ? -said while walking headed tothe kitchen carrying the plastig bags of food.

I am okay now and besides I took sleep earlier in the car . Hmmmmm smells like sweet and spicy buffalo chicken legs -she said with a widen eyes and seems like a kid whos excited for a present.

You think right i just did food take out so we can eat already .- i replied

Yey!!!- she said like a child while jumping slightly and clapping her hands.
Let's fix all of theses when we're done to eat i am so hungry jagiya - she added .

Earlier is the first time she calls me jagiya and i find it sweet it's a korean callsign for lovers .

Did I heard right? You calling me jagiya ?- i ask while opening the box of buffalo . Then she just nodded.

Wae?, you don't like our callsign before?- I asked then she's about to grab a 1.piece of chicken legs but she was interrupted by my question and widen her eyes.

Noooook. I just want to use korean language callsign . -she smiled then get the chicken leg

Owwww -i just blunt and nodded.


Next morning


Uncle welcome to see you here again are you in good state of health now ?. - ploy asked.

Yes because I see my daughter again that's why I am full of energy again -i said

And i think uncle you'll going to have a grand daughter soon? . I was suprised about P'lisa told me - she said

Ow I am really excited to get them married - i said

Auntie what's your impression about P'jennie? - she asked smiling

Well she's definetely beautiful and or should I say pretty or gorgeous I don't what is the right term should I use. She's has a beautiful face .- my wife said while chuckling

But about her attitude I think she's good and kind women. And I like her for my one and only daughter lisa . They will have a beautifil and handsome children .- my wife added.

Well I think so - i proudly said and we chuckled together.



She's just our new dancer ! -i said

Why you two seems so sweet toward each other?. Is she the reason why you always came so late at night?!- she fight back

Will you please let me drive first before you throw a many accusation?!- i madly said


Flash back

Woaaaaahh you really good at dancing daisy - i said smiling

Oppa seulgi stop praising me - she giggled and covered her face. Then I walk towards her

Waeyo ?- i wrap my arm around her shoulder

Yahhhh!!!!!!- she scream and burried her face on my chest that made me startled.

Seul she has a crush on you that's why - momo said and dancers burst out laughing. Then I burst out laughing suddenly we heard a clap that made us look at the door .

Hon!- irene came out of nowhere with our baby . Daisy quickly move out from burrying her face on my chest.

I am still in shocked i'm Sure irene is now on her jealousy.

Hon why you came here suddenly?- i am nervous inside but pretending thay I am not. I walk towards them and carry my baby girl.

I miss you baby - i kiss my daughter

You really miss or you're just pretending ?- irene said and crossed her arm glaring me with death glare.

Ehmmmm seulgi we shoukd take our lunch furst since we finish the first session.-mono interrupted

Oh yeah sure - as I said irene walks out

Smells like arguement - momo said and chuckle

Tsk!- i blunt and get my bag and car key and leave without saying goodbye to them and they just starring at me.

Baby haeun i am dead to you mom I'm sure. Aisshhh- i worriedly said while talking to my daughter.

Ummm dabdadada- haeun said while slapping my face.

Ouch baby are you mad to me too?????- i asked sadly.

Who wouldn't mad at you when your wife and daughter saw you flirting with another girl!- irene said and madly close the car door.



Hon will you please quiet for a while and feed our daughter ?- i said irritated

Wow your so unbelievable! I let you drive peaceful until we cameback home now where here you commanding that I should quite again! . Like what the fuck seulgi?!. Are you avoiding what happened earlier. !!! - she said amdly and her eyes become teary.

I gulped i don't know whay shoukd I do.

N-no i just want you to feed our daughter first and beside she's still a baby i don't her to see how we fight and i don't want her to heard everything we're fighting for. - i hold her hand but she quickly remove and madly get haeun from my arm.

Hon- i calmly said

No seulgi ! If you're cheating then fine ! - she wiped her tears and left.


To be continue...

Sorry if it's a short update ..

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