Part IV: Bumped

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Weeks passed by . JENNIE & LISA rarely having a text conversation beacuse lisa is so busy. But when they we're on the time having conversation they were talking until midnight .
The are really close now

1 month later

Their last contact and talked was last week and for the first time it's through call they both spend the whole night talking to phone . Laughing together, talking about they epic moments back then . Reminiscing their old but unforgetable funny memories .

Lisa & Jennie become closer through phone connection . They haven't meet each othe in person Lisa don't mind meeting her bcoz she's too busy .

As time passed by they both feel comportable like they we're both friends a long time ago .

Now lisa is on Bam Bam & wendy's prenup photoshoot it's a last day of prenup photoshoot she spending her whole week for the prenup becoz she have a lot of sched. To YGE



I am now here at the location of prenup photoshoot of BAM BAM & WENDY. I am with Krystal since Kai asked me for a favor to help him find a Boy dance instructor to to help him for his Holding boy group's comeback .

I asked him to tell Krystal to help me for this prenup photoshoot since she's model instructor . So she had a knowledge about this photoshoot thingy . i am to lazy to think ideas so i ask krystal to help me so i don't need to think so much.


Krystal i think it's better if we put that bicycle in the edge of the lake and then they'll sit on the big rock? for this final prenup shoot? What do you think?- i suggested

Oh yeah that's a great idea. Why i didn't mind that -she laugh on herself

Yah! Pali pali let's finish this photshoot. It seems like the weather is going bad -i commanded

We continue our last set of prenup photoshoot for final .


Okay! We're done ! -i cheerfully said while clapping my hands and they did too .

Thank you so much Lis we save a half of money because of you -bambam said . Ofcourse they save a half of payment because i am his friend so i give him discount which is 50% haha.

Lis. Thank you so much for this i know the final magazine would be great -wendy said and hugged me

No need to thank me guys also you bammy -patted her shoulder

Your wedding is coming 2 weeks from now -krystal said
Year by year one of you getting married. 2 years ago seulgi and bae, last year me and kai . Well i think i knew who's next - krystal smiled mischieviously and they look at me in unison.

Yah why you looking at me like that ?!-i said

Don't tell me you three expecting that I'll get married next year? -chuckling

I don't even have a girlfriend then How could you think that I'll get married next year? -i asked while laughing .

Well who knows? Only your fate knows ? . Maybe later on your fate start to work for yours . And one day you're walking on somewhere else then bumped to someone not knowing that she's the one for you?- wendy said

Yeah wendy is right -krystal agreed

Well if that's so . Then I'll be glad -i said happily

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