Part XVI: Parents

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6:23 am

I woke up like what I used to before . Since my work is in my studio it's okay to go there this afternoon .

I look at the girl beside me because ifelt my chest is sore because she sleeping on it whole night until now . I felt my head a bit hurt because of beers that i drink last night . It's friday today.

I lay her on the bed and moved my body and sat up .

You still look beautiful Love. At the same time cute like an angel in my eyes -i said while caressing her cheeks using my thumb

I am so lucky to have you baby you are the sunshine of my life . My happy pill my everything I won't promise that I won't make you cry because no one can predict anything . But I'll promise that Hurt wouldn't be the reason why you'll gonna cry -I blunt almost a whisper .

Iloveyou so much jennie I will to be the best wife for you. Best father of our future child Iloveyou so so so so much nini- I said sweetly and kissed her forehead and stood up and go to the bathroom .


I'm here at the bathroom now I saw a dry blood on the skin of my cock .

Oh shit! She really lost her virginity on me -I said while smiling

I Started to get shower.


I am here now at the kitchen cooking gamjatang for our breakfast and get the tray I had no bes table so I'll use the lamp stand for it I know she'll feels sore when she woke up .

I am done now but suddenly while preparing I heard someone screamed my name but not too loud .

Oh fuck it's jennie-as I guess who scream i run towards my room and saw jennie sitting on the bed covering her face with both palm and I heard her sobbing . And I saw the blood on my white bedsheet.

Hey Baby I'm here ssssh what happened?-I rub her back worriedly . She still crying

W-why so many blood here? Isn't I--it dangerous t-that I lost a lot of blood like that when w-we had sex?-she said in a panic tone while crying . I just smile a bit

My baby is really bit innocent about this sex thing

Hey it's normal baby because you are still a virgin when we did it and it's your first time ofcourse and my cock is big isn't it?-I said softly but the last sentence is a bit teasing tone

Yah!!*crying* I am in a panic but you how could you tease me! -she said in a kid tone while crying
When something happen inside my womanhood I'll cut you big bro!-she added

No baby nothing will happen to you okay it's normal -I cupped her face

Don't cry love I am happy and it's my pleasure you give it to me I love you nini -as I said seeetly I kissed the tip of her nose

You won't leave me ?-she wipe her tears like a crying kid and asked me .

No. And never ! -I said proudly and giving her assurance. She just nodded and hug me

Get up now baby I will change the bed sheet and I'll bring you a food here let's breakfast together . Clean yourself first and let's take a bath together it's coming 7:00 am your work is 9 right? We have 2 hours more baby get up now- I said and support her .


We're done on our routine every morning she's now going to her home to change her clothes. She's wearing mine.

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