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How are you guys? I know guys y'all wondering why i dissapeared suddenly 😶. Month of dec. While am busy looking for a job again then my relative one of the colosest relative to my family was died at the age of 86. Then we celebrated christmas and new year having a funeral on my relatives house.

January 2 since the burial ends my grandmon and i decided to go back on our town after 2 days of being here on our town i got sick i was diagnosed with dengue . I had a high fever for 5 days i decided tk consult on the emergency hospital and found out that i have a dengue so i need to admit . But since i don't live with my parents i am living with my grand mom and she wasn't able to do back and forth to bring my needs and take care of me because she's from sick *long story* .

So we decided to travel and go to my parents which is living on a other town 5 hours travel from our town inluced the traffic. So I admit there for 4 days the doctor said i need a rest for 1 week and keep monitoring my platelets and body . The doctor said since i was diagnosed by dengue i shouldn't always sleep late night . I always need to sleep early because of dengue even i am already fine .

I am sorry guys if i dissapeared for a long time i almost forgot the flow of my story i thjnk it will take so much time for reading back the story . Then i will continue it .

Hope you guys understand . Don't worry i am fine now it's been 2 weeks since I was diagnosed by dengue almost 3 weeks.

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