Part I: Han River

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I am here now at han river siting on the edge . Watching the water flows i am now alone this time it's already passed 10:30 pm. I think I am alone here since it's almost late night so i think so .

Aissh life so boring for me (chuckle) haishh I am already 25 but nor girlfriend i don't have (laughing)

It's been 3 years since i became single we broke up because of mmm maybe we're really not meant to be HAHA . But I took 1 and ahalf year before i got move on from her . I was just feel bored this past few weeks since seulgi got married to irene at age 25. Bambam is engaged to wendy at age 25 Kai is married to Krystal at age 26. Aishhh my life is kinda boring i should find my partner or should i say my future wife .

Han river what do you think? Is fate have a girl for me? . Aish do i look like insane ? talking to the river? (Laughing)

Oh i almost forgot my canned beer because of my deep thoughs . I drink the remain liquid on the can.

Woahh! Nice beer . Hey han river why you haven't give your answer to me??? What do you think?. ** the fuck river is not answering ** **laugh**

Heyyyyy!!! If ther someone which is girl is out there far from me but enough to hear me !! (Drunk) here's my number xxxxxx save it and call me or message me let's talk

Woooh i am dizzy not i but little bit .
I should go home now.
I stood up and go inside my car and headed to my home.


Seriously? What i heard right ? She's looking for someone to talk? (Laughing)
Is she doesn't have a friend ? Woahh so lowkey to ask a girl to date (chuckling) wait ? Is she gay??.

Yah! Why you minding her bussiness? My gad we're her for jennie not to mind her bussiness lol! (Smack her head)

Ow sorry i forgot .. mmm jennie unnie ? What' s your plan ? We talked here fo about 3 hours . I suggest to you don't mind him anymore stop waiting he left you with your broken heart and chose Sana so just let then!. For god sake jennie-yah it's been 3 months since you two broke up . And even your relationship with him is only 1 and a half month (laugh)

Yah! Rosé i didn't say that I am waiting for him to comeback to me . And i already accept it I am glad that I am not that easy to get so i didn't lost my virginity to him even on my ex's .

So what do you mean ?. - rosé

I am just hurt still you know why world is so unfair to me . Why i fell inlove os easily then then will leave me so easily and quickly? (Chuckling). - Jennie

Yah you know WHY? - jisoo

Why? . -jennie

Because you're idot (laughing loudly)

Yahaaaa your so mean sooya!!! You want me to cut your chicken down there ? -she pointed jisoo's junior

Yah i am just trying to make you laugh . You know that best thing you have to do is don't rush anything just wait . If someone came into your life again tomorrow then you should test him.
You would feel it if she's the one but for now just wait -she patted her shoulder gently-

Guys let go home it's already late and I am so sleepy now. -rosé-



The three leave and headed home .
While in the car jennie looking at the number she save . And remember again the girl they heard shouted her number . But she erase the though when she got home .

Jennie bid her goodbye to the two .




Dad all photoshoot was done the next things i have to do is to finish the magazine - i smiled at him

You seems joking around my daughter okay you should finish the magazine and early as possible . So you can go back to korea and manage your own dance studio - he smiled at me sweetly

Mmm dad ? Don't you like to go to korea with me ? Then we can continue your medication there. You know doctors there are good too -trying to convince him-

I can't . I can't just leave the restaurant here you know we can't lose it this is on the famous restaurant here in bangkok . And beside we have the other one to pattaya. -he sadly said-

Okay dad i understand but you know you can just hire a manager to manage it you know ?. So we can be together with mom over there in korea -i cheerfully said-

I'll think about it . Maybe your right but let me think about it -he kissed my forehead-

Okay dad i am looking forward for that . And i hope it all was seetled i already have a girlfriend -I joked-

Don't rush anything my princess or should i call you prince? . Well i prefer prince . Just wait for the fate works for your future and lovelife -he hold my both shoulder and patted it gently-

Yeah that's what i am doing dad . By the way dad i should go to the office now and do my work i left . -kissed her on cheek- bye dad



It's been 2 since we heard her shouting in han river giving her name to someone who can here her. I texted her 4 weeks ago when i am really stress and need to relax but no response at all . Is that her real number ? Or she was just joking???

It's already 7 pm i am going home now from work. I am not at the outside of building waiting for a cab . But suddenly someone held my arm. And it got me shocked....

It's been 5 months i didn't see him i still feel a little bit anger towards him . And little bit hurt but not hurt like before .

What is he doing here ? Is he going back to me again ? But i don't feel any urge to hug him or what maybe i am already move on ?. I got back to my senses from my thoughs when she calle my name and hug me .

What the hell is this ? After she left me without a pause then he'll hugged me ?
I pushed her annoyingly


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