Why can't anything be simple? Chapter 4

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4. Bitch Please!

“He asked you out?! Oh-my-gosh! Who would’ve thought?” as soon as I told April during lunch she flipped. “Where are you guys going?”

“Just to the movies,” I said as if it weren’t a big deal. “I just can’t believe it!” and then I laughed.

“You think I can? I’m so happy for you.” And then we got back to the rest of the group.

“…Ella’s place after school,” I am personally going to go and murder Nick in his sleep.

English next. Yay.

Mitch came and sat next to me as usual. “I heard about you and Dave. I never would have guessed.”

“How could you have heard if I only told April?”

“Well, he likes to brag a bit I guess,” he said smirking.

“There’s honestly nothing to brag about. We’re only going on a date,” but to be honest, I felt really happy that he would brag about me.

“So where are you guys going?”

“You’re so nosy Mitch.”

“Well I am after all your friend aren’t i? You told April.”

“Whatever. We’re only going to the movies.”

“He’s not very creative is he,” and then he laughed. Grr. What’s with him!

“Do you mind not insulting him?” I huffed.

“I’m only joking. Gees.”

“Well…just don’t. It’s annoying.”

“You’re annoyed at me now. I’m sorry,” he looked at me now smiling.

Well what does he expect? The first guy to ask me out and he’s making fun of him. “Yer, I kinda am,” but I just couldn’t help smiling back at that smile of his.

“Hmm…Would a Mars Bar make it alight?”

“Ah, you know me to well. But a chocolate bar isn’t going to cut it next time,” I smiled at him.

“How about a week’s supply of Mars Bars?”

“Wrong reply Mitch. You should’ve said, ‘Well I’ll make sure there won’t be a next time Mia’ and given me a hug saying sorry.”

He did as it I told him. Oh, that’s just why I love Mitch.

After school we all walked to Ella’s place. I was walking with Dave and we were discussing what movie to watch.

I think I was paying too much attention to him and not looking where I was going ‘cause all of a sudden my foot steps in something really soft and slide in a massive pool of mud. Oh god. Why don’t I just disappear right now?

I turn around to get up and all I hear is a rawr of laughter from everyone. I quickly got up and ran up to Nick and gave him a hug.

“What the-“everyone just started laughing even harder.

“That’s it, let’s see if you guys are laughing now,” he went and dipped his hands in the mud and started chasing Ella around.

“Stop! I’m sorry I won’t laugh,” she was laughing so hard I don’t think that’s actually possible. Nick got a hold of her and tackled her to the ground. You could hear her squealing and laughing so much at the same time. Then they start making out.

“Typical,” say April still laughing.

I went up to Dave and smudged some mud on his face. “That’s what you get for not helping me up!” he was still laughing. Then he got his drink bottle out and squirted some water at me.

“Hey!” I said laughing.

We got to Ella’s place and she brought us all a towel so we could wipe ourselves.

“Do you guys seriously feel like practicing?” Mitch sighed.

“Not really,” replied April.

“Guys, we have to practice. The gig is on Friday and no offence but we suck. We need all the practice we can get,” Nick put on his ‘I’m the leader’ voice on.

Dave laughed, “I swear I thought you were going to out your hands on your hips too just then.” We all laughed. It’s true, when Nick acts like the leader and gives us those little speeches, he looks like a girl.

We ended up having a couple of rehearsals and then we all decided to leave.

“See ya guys,” Mitch said and then we walked out together.

“Do we sound any good?” I asked him.

“Well I’m going to be honest with you, not really.”

“I knew it! I just want to slap Nick silly,” I said laughing, “He’s going to make us embarrass ourselves in front of everyone!”

“Well you have one fan,” he laughed. I gave him a light punch on the shoulder.

“Stop making fun of us,” I joked.

“You’re not still mad at me are you?”

“How can I stay mad at you?” I can never find myself able to stay mad at him for too long. He’s just so carefree and fun to be around. “Well, this is me,” I sighed and gave him a hug.

“Alrighties. See you Ear,” and he pulled my ponytail.

I get inside the house, only to find mum waiting for me with her arms crossed. This can’t be good.

“You’re home late again Mia. What had I told you about curfew? I don’t want to go through this again, one more time and you’re grounded!” Ahh. I’m only like what? 30 minutes late. Mum walked back upstairs.

“Tut, tut, tut. Naughty Mia,” Lily walked passed with that smirk.

“Shut up Lily!” I hissed at her.

“Watch your language Mia! I may be upstairs, but I’m not deaf,” Mum yelled from her bedroom.

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