Why can't anything be simple? Chapter 7

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7. And we’re on!


“What are you going to wear?” April asked me.

“Well I was thinking of wearing my black dress that has the tutu skirt. What do you think?” I asked her while pulling it out of my closet.

“Ooh, sexy!” she tried to do a wolf whistle but ended up blowing air in my face instead.

“Fail,” I teased her.

“Dave will go out of his mind when he sees you,” she said, sticking her tongue out at me.

I got changed and then we walked over to her place.

“Hurry up April! We’re going to be late at the rate you get changed,” she finally finished changing and hopped in her mums car.


We arrived at the bar about 10 minutes late. Nick was going crazy yelling at us for being late.

“Just hurry up and get in position so we can rehearse,” he yelled at us. Ella was trying to calm him down, but honestly I don’t think anything would calm him down at this rate.

I tapped my drum sticks in the air to count us in and then we were off. I think it was the worst practice ever. Dave stuffed up his solo, Ella sung the same verse twice and I lost the beat at some point. Nick was furious at this point. He kept giving us death glares. Lucky Mitch wasn’t here yet to hear us. He said he was going to come later when the gig actually started.

“Nick, seriously calm down man,” Dave told him.

“Yer, I mean it’s natural for us to stuff up on the rehearsal, at least we didn’t stuff up like this during the concert,” April said, trying to make him feel better.

“That’s cause we haven’t had the concert yet!” he yelled at all of us and stormed off outside to get some fresh air. Ella went running after him.

“Well this is just great,” I sighed and slumped myself on the couch backstage. Dave came and sat next to me.

“It’s okay, he’s just really nervous,” he reassured me.

“Yer, but if he goes on like this, we won’t be able to play any better than what we did,” April said.

“Exactly, half the time I’m nervous that he’s gonna give me like a death stare and I can’t handle that while I’m in front of such a big audience too. I’ll be back,” I said and walked off to the bathroom.

The gig was going to start in half an hour and we needed to get another practice in, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to concentrate.

I returned backstage. Nick and Ella had returned again and thank god he looked more calm.

“Come on guys, we need at least one more practice,” Nick sighed.

We actually didn’t go that bad the second time. I have to admit we had quite a few mistakes, but they were minor and barely noticeable.

“Okay guys you can go chill until we’re on,” Nick said.

We all sat together on the couch. There was a band playing before us, and I had to admit they were pretty good. They weren’t amazing or anything, but at least they didn’t make as many mistakes as we did.

“Hey guys, good luck, I’m sure you’ll do really well. I have to though cause my date will be looking for the way in,” Mitch came in quickly and then he was off again. Who the hell was this date he was bringing?

“…no I’d like to welcome to the stage, the Fake CD’s!” I heard the announcer call our band up.

“Hurry up guys, get your stuff,” Nick whispered loudly.

We got up on stage and Ella introduced us. It wasn’t a big crowd from what I could see. The lights were a bit blinding. Everyone as cheering.

Dave turned around smiled at me and nodded so I could count us in.

One! Two! Three! Four!

And we all started our instruments. We were actually doing pretty well. Ella came in too and started the first verse. You could hear some of the audience clapping the beat. It was actually an amazing feeling. The thrill and the excitement that you got being on stage. I could feel the bass through the floor boards. I think Dave must’ve hit a couple of bum notes, but I don’t think anyone could really tell; he didn’t show it in his expression.

We finished the song off great, and then moved on to our second one. I think it was a lot easier to concentrate now that we were enjoying it at the same time.

We played three songs in total. Everyone was cheering for us as we went off stage. We all gave each other a hug and then we went to put our instruments away. As we went to sit down though we noticed Mitch on the couch with a girl, making out.

“Oy! Mitchy, aren’t you gonna say congratulations or something for our great performance?” I said to him. He quickly lifted his head, obviously he didn’t realise we were there.

“Sorry guys,” he said pretty embarrassed. “It was an amazing performance though, I didn’t think you would do so well.”

“Yer, I totally agree. Great show guys,” we all turned around to see who said that, only to notice Erin sitting on the couch smirking at us.

“What the fuck?!” I yelled at Mitch. “Did you seriously bring her? Didn’t you hear what happened between us?”

“Look Mia, I’m sorry I didn’t mean what happened between us, but I really do like Mitch,” she said smiling at him.

I could hear Nick having a coughing fit in the background.

Mitch looked at us awkwardly, “I’ll talk with you guys later,” and then he left with Erin.

I turned to look at the band. “That was about the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever heard,” Nick said laughing.

Dave came and gave me a hug. “He’ll realise soon enough that she’s a full on bitch,” he said.

“Exactly, I mean she can’t keep that act going on forever,” Ella smiled.

“Does this mean wherever Mitch goes she comes along?” April added.

We all looked around awkwardly. “Let’s go get drinks shall we?” said Dave after a few seconds.

We all packed up our stuff and went to the café across the road.

“Did I mention you look really pretty?” Dave whispered in my ear.

I looked up at him and smiled, “Thanks.”

After about an hour or so Aprils’ mum called and told us she’s waiting for us.

“See you guys,” I said to the rest of them.


“April, what am I going to do?” I sighed.

“Only time will tell. I don’t really think you should talk about it with him though, cause that will do no good, just let her ruin it herself,” April replied.



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