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"Um, I'm sorry, what?"

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"Um, I'm sorry, what?"

"The room you booked. You booked it for next month." I stared at the monitor she had swiveled around for me to see, then my eyes caught hers again. I looked at her like she must've lost her damn mind, and she looked back at me like I had lost mine.

"Listen ma'am," I glanced down and caught sight of her name tag. "Susan? Listen Susan, you see that man over there?" I pointed at Christian.

He was currently sitting in one of the hotel lounge chairs, cursing Brad out through phone. Brad had apparently forgotten to make reservations for a rental car and now we were going to need to set something up with Mavericks company drivers. Christian's voice carried throughout the entire lobby.

"That man is currently cussing out his attorney over the line. You want to know what for?" Susan looked at me expectantly. "For forgetting to get him a rental car. Now listen here, Susan... That man is my fucking boss. Unless you want murder on your hands, I suggest we try to work something out."

Susan looked at me.

Then at Christian.

Then back at me.

"Okay sir. I do apologize about this inconvenience but we really are all booked up. We only have one room available due to a last minute cancellation. Keep in mind however-"

"I'll take it!" I cut in before she could say anything else . Christian had ended his call, and he was starting to make his way over to me.

"Would you like the same two nights stay?" She asked.

"Keep your voice down, Susan! But yes, same two nights." I whispered to her. She started to log the our information in the system, and that was when Christian arrived at my side.

"What's taking so damn long?" He grumbled. "We've got our meeting in less than an hour."

"Susan here was having some difficulty finding our reservation, but she was able to locate it." I replied calmly. I saw Susan raise an eyebrow at me as I shamelessly through her under the bus.

"Well get you shit together Susan, we don't have all day." He snapped.

Susan sent me a full on glare at that one... and in her defense, it was well deserved. Not even seconds later, she all but slammed our key cards on the counter and spit out through gritted teeth and a fake smile "enjoy your stay at The Plaza."

All I could do was mouth an apology as Christian pulled me back and dragged us through the lobby towards the elevators. "We've got about 15-20 minutes to get ready before a company car will be here. That's 15-20 minutes to get everything ready. Our first meeting is at noon with the CEO of Mavericks, John Terry. If everything goes well, we'll then have two more meetings going into detail about the Gala and setting things into motion."

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