Idiots in Love

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Foreword - So, while I was writing, I realized the lyrics of Paper Cuts kinda suited this, without the emotional part. This goes out to all couples that have their differences and is a reminder of the fact that it's okay to have differences. We're all human after all. It's okay to have extremely complicated emotions that don't even make any sense. With that said, I hope you guys enjoy this, and please, PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS. I'M A SUCKER FOR THEM. <3

DISCLAIMER - none of these people are mine people. These people have been used for fictional purposes. This story is not meant to be educational so yall finding break-up advice, don't come here. This is only a form of entertainment and should be taken as nothing more.



Baekhyun woke up with a start. His eyes were blown wide and red as tears splashed onto his cheeks, mingling in with the sweat beads that cascaded down his face. His chest ached in pain and suffocation as he gasped and panted, trying to catch his breath. His body and mind tingled with a fearful rush. It was too hot and too cold. All he wanted was Chanyeol.

Dark clouds stormed outside, but their sound didn't match the broken cries of the silhouette sitting on the bed, with his back shaking, crying in hopelessness. His cries were piercing – sharp and unprecedented from someone like him. The silhouette's eyes cast on a picture placed on his table – of his lover.

Baekhyun felt a sudden jab of pain in his chest – a sudden yearning for comfort and hopelessness doused him whole. He stood up from his bed, stumbling a little, as his dazed body was too slow for his heightened senses and that raw human emotion that held him in its control. He was merely a puppet acting on his feelings.

The cool, night air stabbed his pajama-clad skin with chilly knives and caused goosebumps to cover him whole. His feet raced out of the dark room which was lit up only by the occasional sparks of lightning. The silence was broken by the horrifying loud thunder and the wails of the wind...and the quick tempo of Baekhyun's heart, that seemed louder than everything else. His blood pounded in his head. He was scared, scared, scared. He was fearing. The almighty. Fate. He feared everything he had never believed in.

He got out of his apartment, locking it quickly in a swift motion. He didn't stay back to check up on the door; he rushed forward down the elevators to the exit, walking like a mad man in the storm. The air made his legs, which weren't covered by his shorts, tremble and shiver and his arms felt like ice. He was only wearing a loose white tee and his shorts. However, he didn't think of this as he stepped out on the deserted main roads. The storm was horrible – wind raced up and down around him like a windy beasty cage that he paid no mind to. His tears kept falling, intermingling with the chilly, dusty rain. His feet ran and ran to a destination that wasn't nearby, but he didn't care. His heartbeat was erratic, and his legs followed the movement, gaining more speed and become faster, faster, faster! He was a crazed man.

Chanyeol turned in his couch, finding a more comfortable position. His eyes shifted from his laptop to the digital clock on his wall – 2:45 AM. He sighed. He had class tomorrow, like most college students, but he just had to complete this episode. And so, he turned back to his laptop, internally debating with himself before pressing on play.

And followed by the noise of Sunny Baudelaire letting out a painful scream was the noise of an elephant against his door. Chanyeol jumped; startled, and on reflex, he shut his laptop. His heart set out on a racetrack, beating so fast he thought he'd die. The beating on his door suited the rhythm of his heartbeat. He contemplated whether to open the door or not, before deciding to check who was outside at this hour of the night in the raging storm. Probably some burglar in need of shelter. He shrugged.

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