Disclaimer/Trigger Warning

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This story delves into a variety of difficult subjects including alcohol and drug abuse, mental health illnesses, crimes and difficulties that some individuals face.

The college - Bispham Acadmy - isn't real so any similarities to an actual place is purely coincidental. I also believe that a college for delinquents does not exist - but wouldn't it be great to give individuals aged 17-19 the oppurtunity to right the wrongs of their past? Give them the oppurtunity to develop skills to help them get jobs and achieve and create dreams?

I won't be adding any trigger warning to any of the chapters. If this story provokes any emotions or memories which are difficult to handle: please seek help either online, at your doctors or with a counsellor.

I hope that you enjoy the story and characters. The story isn't just about the past, it's about overcoming difficulties and coming out with a different perspective on life and providing everyone with the opportunity they deserve.

Love, Coral xo

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