Class 3B-Chenle(1)

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(A/N: the pic above is how chenle's hair will look in this because honestly i think chenle slays with that hair color and style and that's on jah😤😤)


Honesty I don't know what's with this school and their idolizing. Everyday I'm swarmed with people, no matter where I am in the school.

Everyone just won't leave me alone. They called me one of the popular kids, one of the people that most people liked and others envied. It's a bit hectic, if you ask me. Being swarmed by people that I don't know most of the time is the worst part.

All of the boys sports teams treat me like an absolute princess. They lay their jackets out on puddles for me. When I don't have a pen in class, hundreds of them are offering their pens to me. Sometimes I don't have a lunch and they'll offer me their lunch, which I decline. It's nice and all but they go a bit too far with the nice part.

Now I have to wake up super early to drive myself to school. Because at least in the morning no ones following me around like a bunch of weirdos. I always make sure I have my pencil case with me too, that goes for my lunch too.

That also goes for being asked out on dates at every waking moment. Some of the boys only ask me for the popularity and some only ask because I'm pretty. There's only a few who actually give a reason to why they like me.

Yes, I am aware that I am pretty. I know that the guys in this school think I am too. I also know that the girls are jealous of me as well. To be honest if I could give one of them my life I would.

If they want to be swarmed around everywhere they go then be my guest. "(Y/N)! Oh my sweet sweet (Y/N)!" Someone called.

'Oh shi—please God, end me now ..'

"(Y/N)! Angel cake, answer me!" I turn my head to face the demon spawn himself, Min Dohyung, the boy who's helplessly 'in love' with me.

He never leaves me alone. It's like he doesn't know what personal space is. He's tried countless times to make me 'fall in love' with him, but as you can see it hasn't worked. It never will work too.

Never in my life will I fall for Min Dohyung. Yes, he's good looking, yes, he has good grades. Yes, he's annoying, and yes, he's obnoxious. He can't go a second without complimenting himself.

Besides I already have someone I have my eyes on. Chenle, the boy in Class 3B, A.K.A. the cute but most clueless boy I've ever met.

We grew to be really good friends after he started talking to me in English class. We started off as study buddies until we started to hang out on the weekends.

When we became friends, the boys who are obsessed over me(Example: Min Dohyung) began to get jealous. They started to stay closer and closer to me, and they started to confess to me more often.

Like that one first year who's obsessed as well even confessed to me. He had a whole backstory about how he's loved me since he saw me when he was in first grade and I was in third. I think he did that to ensure that I don't start dating Chenle, but of course I didn't say yes.

Chenle is like one of my best friends now, I don't really care what those other guys think. I'm just scared he doesn't feel the same about me. I began to have a small crush on him a few weeks after we started hanging out. I just really, really, REALLY hope he doesn't think I'm dating Dohyung's airheaded self.

"(Y/N), I brought you your favorite! Two chocolate donuts with extra sprinkles made by my private baker. They're made only and especially for you!" He lifted the bag up with the delicious treats inside. "I showered them with my love!"

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