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This is probably the last time I'll ever study with Chloe again. We weren't even an hour in and Chloe's attention was swept away by her favorite song, Sugar, We're Going Down by Fall Out Boy. Soon, we were dancing like middle aged dads at a family barbecue, bouncing on her bed, singing along to her playlist. In a normal situation, I'd be a little more assertive in continuing to study but since Chloe is such a close and dear friend, almost like a sister to me, I couldn't say no to her adorable antics.

"WE'RE GOING DOWN DOWN," Chloe made a bunch of blubbering sounds for the next few lyrics. I couldn't catch my breath as I wheezed at Chloe's dancing.

She began roughly hip thrusting at the air, she almost looked like she was about to break her back. "CHLOE I HATE YOU SO MUCH OH MY FUCKING GOD!" I collapsed to the ground, weakened by laughing so hard.

She dropped to my level, "Skyler, hate me later, just enjoy the moment." Her eyes soon widened as the monologue at the beginning of Na Na Na began. She quickly got up and screamed, "KILLJOYS MAKE SOME NOISE!" She yanked me up and danced once again. "LOVE GIMME LOVE, I DON'T NEED IT BUT I'LL TAKE WHAT I WANT FROM YOUR HEART!" Chloe grabbed her ankle and put her other hand at the back of her head and started popping and locking.

It was such a precious moment seeing my best friend so happy. Seeing her like this made me smile uncontrollably. But soon that moment was cut short by my brother entering the room.

"Wow, you guys are studying hard huh?" He rolled his eyes as Chloe settled down. Chloe chuckled, "Well I figured we needed a little workout, you do need to take breaks while studying."

My brother sighed and shrugged his shoulders in agreement, "Anyways your mom's waiting downstairs for you Chloe. You better hurry down."

Chloe nodded and gathered her stuff. Chloe walked to the door and took a deep bow, "The main dancer is leaving, it has been a pleasure my Skyler." I playfully shooed Chloe into the hallway and waved to her as she rushed down the stairs. I heard her yell goodbye before the front door slammed shut. I quietly hummed Na Na Na to myself as I walked back into my room.

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