Sticks and Stones Will Distract You

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We danced like idiots, bouncing on the bed, singing along to different songs on her playlist. Chloe is really smart but somehow when Chloe suggests studytime we always end not studying, and doing stuff like this. Chloe and I have been friends since Preschool. People can't imagine me without Chloe or Chloe without me. And I love that girl to death, she's almost like my sister.

"Dude I hate you so much!" I laughed as Follow You ended. "Skyler! Hate me later. Just enjoy dancing." Chloe plopped on the bed, wiping her forehead."What a workout eh?" Chloe nudged my side lightly. Chloe's theme song came up, Na Na Na. "Chloe your theme song!" I couldn't stop laughing. I remember the time when the music video was on TV, it was hilarious. She was dancing like a dad (you know, stiff and awkward) "LOVE, GIMME LOVE, I DON'T NEED BUT I'LL TAKE WHAT I WANT FROM YOUR HEART!" Chloe grabbed her ankle and put her hand behind her head and began popping and locking.

Then she began pelvic thrusting. "Uh, Chloe..." My stepbrother James opened the door as Chloe was thrusting. "Okay um." He left and came back. "Your mom is here. She seems like she's in a hurry." James walked away. "Alright, well, the professional dancer is leaving!" Chloe bowed and walked downstairs. I followed Chloe. "Sky, do you wanna do another study session next time?" Chloe smirks. "Maybe..." I shrugged. "See you later then!" Chloe's voice echoed as she walked to the car. "I'LL GIVE YOU SOME DANCING TIPS!" Chloe yelled. Chloe waved and drove off. "Maybe not." I say in a low voice with a smirk and close the door.

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