"Hey Lana wake up" someone said while shaking my shoulder. I opened my eyes to see Te wrapped in toilet paper and Duct tape from head to toe.

"What the hell Te.....we need that paper for the bathroom and why do you smell like Axe cologne?" I said sitting up and rubbing my eyes just to see if I was dreaming..........I'm not.

"Don't you think I know that?" She said with a serious face. All of a sudden I burst out laughing.

"OMG you think this is funny" she asked me

"Uh-hhh y-yea" I said trying to control my laughter.

"Well it's not so get the freak up and help me." She stood up and jumped around till her back was facing me.

"S-so are y-you going t-to tell me w-what happened or nah? I asked

"Stop laughing because it's not funny!" she shouted

"Aye don't get mad at me........now what happned?


Te's Flashback(Te POV)



I heard people shout from out another room. I close my eyes again thinking that sleep will take over again but


I got up out of my cozy warm bed to see what the problem was. I came upon Lanna's room door and opened it to see her still sound asleep. "she can sleep through anything" I said to myself.


I continued on my trip following the voices into the living room. There sat Aron and Marc on the couch playing a game on their Nintendo's

"Are you guys serious." I stated

"Umm yea" Marc said

"It wasn't a question"..........i look towards the clock on the wall and choked on my spit. "Do you guys know what time it is?"

"Yea and your point is?" Aron asked.

"My point is......its to damn early for y'all to be making all this noise.

"And if we don't stop making all this noise what are you going to do about it?" Marc asked with a glare.............

End of Flash back (Lanna POV)

"So I ended up telling Mr. Sanders and they got in an argument and Mr. Sanders sent them home but before they left they did this to me."

"What?! they're gone!" I said walking away from her to check around the room.

"Really your worried about them?" she asked while hopping after me.

"I'm sorry......but did you really have to tell on them?"

"Ok what really happened was I grab their Nintendo's and dropped them in the toilet, they got mad and did this to me"

"You dropped their expensive Nintendo's in the toilet?" I then fell to the floor and started laughing my head off.

Te looked down at me a and then she flopped down beside me. "Yep I did but they didn't really go home though"

"Where did they go?" I said unwrapping the tissue from around her shoulders.

"I really don't know after they did this to me they walked towards the door laughing their assoff."

"Oh.....ok this is probably going to hurt" I say as I pull the tape from off arms.

"Shit"she winced as I pulled on the tape some more. "okay you know what let's just make this easier....rip it off.

"Are you sure?"

"No never mi-"

"To late!" I yelled as I ripped the tape off of her. Multiply curse words spilled from her mouth as I continued to to rip tape from off her.

"Okay this is the last one" I smirked at her as I got a good grip on the tape"

"No, no, no I'm fine" She began backing up towards my bed.

"Come on Te it's the last one"

"No stay away from me" she got up and ran towards the kitchen. I ran after her and caught her by her arm. She jerked from me and ran towards the other side of the kitchen table. I then ran towards the other side and fell and "twisted" my ankle.

"Ahh shit" I grabbed my ankle and cried out.

"Lanna are you okay" she asked and knelt before me.

"Yea I think..........NOW LET ME TAKE THE TAPE OFF"

"NO LET ME GO" She yelled as I grabbed ahold of her arm. I rolled on top of her and held both of her hands in one of mine. She then got enough strength to push me off of her and now she was on top of me and vice versa all the way to the living room.

"Lanna just let me go!" she scream.

"Never" I said just as two figures walked in through the door.

"Woah cat fight" one of the figures who happens to be Marc said. He then grabbed ahold of Te while Aron held me back.

"Okay seriously we leave for 10 mins and we come back to find this." Aron said. He then went to the kitchen and came back with a cup of water and started drinking it.

"Ok what happened" he asked.

"It's not what you think" I said. I took the pony out my hair and redid it over.

"Of course.......so what did happen?" Marc asked sitting down on the floor next to Te.


"It's y'all fault" Te interrupted me.

"Oh yea how is that?" Aron asked raising his eyebrows. he had on black skinnies and a white polo shirt on. Just know that he looked sexy.

"Well if you two didn't leave me wrapped up like a mummy we wouldn't have been wrestling on the floor!"

Marc then snickered. "if you wouldn't have disposed our Nintendo's then we wouldn't have wrapped you up.

"Well if y'all wouldn't have been so loud your little toys wouldn't have gotten a wash." I stated while adjusting my bra strap.

"Ok 1st their not toys and 2nd if y'all wouldn't have sleep in so late then our loudness wouldn't have bothered yall" Aron said getting closer to my face.

"1st 6 in the morning isn't consider late and 2nd if you wouldn't have made such a big deal about which side of the bed you wanted then I wouldn't have stayed up "late" and I wouldn't have slept in "late." I shot back doing quotation marks with my fingers, getting so close to his face I could spell the mint gum from his mouth.

"Touché Lan" he whispered licking his lips afterwards. We then began staring into each others eyes. His eyes a light hazel color got me wondering why mine has to be so plain. He than began to lean in and like a magnet attraction I began to lean in too. We were so close that I could feel his lips brush against mine.........

"Well well well I see that the argument is over." a deep voice said from across the room and it defiantly wasn't Marc's!


I'm going to add something's like Alanna is going to be played by Zendaya and TeAnna is going to be played by Bella Thorne.............Do you guys have any suggestion on who Aron should be?! A guy with hazel eyes and brown hair or mainly hazel eyes please!



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