"Listen ok I really don't want to here you guys ungrateful conversation so could you plea---" I stopped halfway through the conversation to turn around to address the two idiots face to face and it turned out to be............

"Oh hey Alanna!" Emily said "ohhhh sorry did you hear our whole conversation?". She was sitting beside her twin sister Elena. You couldn't say those two didn't look alike if you did you must be blind as a bat.

"Ummmm yea" I said awkwardly.

TeAnna then turned around to see who it was that I was "confronting". The look on her face gave me a thought that she was thinking the same thing I was thinking.

"Oh well sorry guys we will try to keep it down a notch it's just dat you know the girl Marley?

"Marley the thot of coures.......every one knows her" I thought to myself.

"Yea" I finally spoke

"Well I'm not going to lie..........lesbihonest da bish is hot! she had on some shorts that had her butt cheeks hang out and a cami that made her boobs pop!...........lorddddddddd I almost died!"

oh and did I mention dat the Emily is a lesbian

"Emily I really don't think they want to hear all that." Elena said. Elena was the quiet and good girl type twin while Emily was the totally opposite. Elena lives with her mother and Emily lives with her father, I don't really know what happened to there family but the last time I saw Mrs. and Mr Hanna together I was in 4th grade.

"Ahhhhhh come on Elena don't be a party pooper I haven't even got to the best part yet......ok where was I .........oh yea her boobs had me like OMG but to make a long story short I........" Emily said but was interrupted.

"Yea we heard u.......u went Ray J on her!" Te said

*the flight to pairs is now leaving.......* the women over the intercoms said.

"Ummm okay it was nice chatting with y'all" I said turning around and sitting, Te followed.

"That was awk" Te whispered to me

"Totally" I said back


*ladies and Gentlemen If you will look out your window you will see the perfect view........we will be landing in 5 mins..........I hope you enjoyed your flight and welcome to Paris*

When I heard this I jumped up quickly, looked out the window and saw lights.......beautiful lights. I'm not even down out of the air yet and I could already tell that this city is beautiful.

"I can't believe were here" Te said whispering she was looking it the window with wide eyes enjoying the view.

"Me either.........

"Okay people make sure you have everything, please don't leave anything behind......the airlines specifically said they are not responsible for any items left." Mr.sanders said

We finally got off the airplane and I could hardly breath.......1. Because it's Pairs 2. I'm in Pairs and 3. Aron is standing right beside. I wonder where he has been through the whole flight?

"Calm down Lanna" He said while smirking and listening to the teacher.

"What are you talking about" I said blushing

He turn his attention to me and stared at me for what seems like hours then he responded "I know the view......of me is breathtaking but just breath"

I turn towards him to see him smirking again. I playful pushed him and said "your very conceited and sorry but Pairs is the thing that is taking my breath away"

"It was worth a try" he said and started walking leaving me standing there.

"Are you coming roommate or nah" he said clicking his tongue after the roommate part.

I looked around to see that all my classmates has gone inside to collect there luggage except me and Aron.



So their finally in Paris😍

I've never been but I plan to go😪👍

As soon as I get over my fear if heights😁

This ending was suckish😪😒




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