"I'm sorry sir but we can't change the rooms now." The hotel manager said to Mr. Sanders

"What do u mean you can't change the rooms." Mr. Sanders asked

"I mean exactly what I said sir" The manger stated. She was short, she had blond hair which was wrapped up into a donut, white button up and a black pencil skirt.

We were standing in the lobby of a hotel called "Shangri-la" freezing the death every time someone would enter and exit. Mr. Sanders sighed and then grabbed the stack of room keys.

"Okay listen guys" he started. "there has been a change of plans with the room, instead of having four beds there's only two........"

A couple of whining and complaining was heard through the hotel. Lots of people in the hotel turned to look at us. They were probably think ughhhh it's those Americans.

"Settle down, settle down........you will all be still sharing a room with your group members but 2 people will be sleeping in one bed.................now I trust that you students are smart enough not to do anything stupid am I right gentlemen?"

"Yes Mr. sanders" all the boys said except the one beside me who happens to be Aron. All the girls snickered and grin as Mr. Sanders shook his head

"Okay here are y'all keys" He said


"Okay here it is, room 805" Te said while holding the card up towards the lock. The lock then flashed green and Te pushed the Handel down to open it. We walked in and down the short hallway. The walls were light blue with specks of black on it. At the end of the hallway a living room came into view. On the left was the bathroom and on the right was a bed room. The bed room was almost the size of the living room but smaller.

"Where's the other bed" Aron asked looking around the room.

"Found it" Marc said while opening the door wider. The bed rooms were connected together.

"I call this bed" me and Aron said at the same time. I looked over and saw him smirking.

"Ok you two can have this one while me and TeAnna get the other one." Marc said clapping his hands together after talking.

"TeAnna is doing what now" She said running her fingers through her hair.

"Come on lets go" Marc said to her pulling her into the next room with her suitcase following . I sat down on the bed and rub my hand across the cover.

"So I'll take the floor since ...." Aron started.

"No you can get the bed I'll sleep on the floor." I said

"Noooo I can't do that" he said

"Nooo really it's fine" I said

"HOW ABOUT BOTH OF YALL SLEEP IN THE BED" Te yelled from the other room.

"WHAT A GREAT IDEA" Aron yelled back while looking around the room.

"Your friend is very smart you know"Aron said while walking towards the patio. Did I mention that this room had a patio.......

"Umm yea sure you go ahead and believe that." I said while grabbing my PJ's out my suitcase.

"I HEARD THAT!" Te yelled again from the other side.

"YOU STILL LOVE ME!" I shouted back.

She mumbled something something back sounding like "yea surprisingly".

"Umm I'm going to go take a shower." I said talking to specifically to Aron.

"Oh okay.....I will be here.....when you get out." He replied while scratching the back of his neck.

I walked towards the door leading to the bathroom. I think this whole hotel room is breathtaking including the bathroom. I put my iPhone in the waterproof case and then stuck it on this waterproof speaker and then attached the speaker to the inside of the shower. I put the music on shuffle and Chandeliers by SIA started playing. I turned on the shower and while the water was heating I pulled my hair into a bun and stripped out of my clothes. I finally stepped in the shower letting the hot water run over my body. I began singing as I pulled my hair out the bun and started shampooing.

"Im...... going to swing........ from the chandeliers........ from the chandeliers....

I'm.... going to live, like tomorrow doesn't exist......like it doesn't exist......"

I got out of the shower after two more songs and wrapped a blue towel around my body. I turned to walk towards the table beside the toilet and grab another towel, but I almost passed out.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?!" I yelled at Aron who was in the bathroom.......the same bathroom I'm in.......the same bathroom I'm in half naked in.

"Ok let me explain." he said zipping up his pants and then holding his hands up in defense.

"EXPLAIN WHAT?......THAT YOUR A PERV!?." I shouted again holding the towel around my body tighter.

"Nooooo see what happened was........ I had to pee and you were in here so I went to Marc and Te's room to use it but Marc said Te was in there soooo I couldn't hold it and I thought I could have used it while you were in the shower but that was a fail." He said running his hands through his hair.

"Yea an epic one" I said calming down a little."

"Look I'm so sorry...... I hope we can get over this awkward moment." He said running his eyes up and down my body.

"Yea....... just get out" I said pulling the towel more feeling insecure about myself.

"Okay......" he said looking down at the floor on his way out.

I let the towel hang around my shoulders and relaxed a little more. I looked in the mirror saw my reflection and smiled a little. I then started making goofy faces like I was taking selfies.

"Ohh by the way you have a great voice!" Aron came back in catching me doing the duck lips. He began laughing and so did I.

"Get out" I said being serious again. I pulled the towel closer to me again.

"Okay okay." he said backing up "but baby you don't even have to hide behind that towel........ I've seen bits and pieces and they were amazing." he said smirking at the end. My face went red.


"Okay you can have the right and I will have the left side." Aron said. It is now 1:24 and we are just deciding on who gets what side.

"Okay fine by me" I said climbing into bed. I had on my Cookie Monster pajama pants and a black shirt.

"I hope you don't mind but....." he began striping out of his pants and then he tossed his shirt across the room leaving him in just his boxers. "sorry it's a habit" He stated.

I really don't mind I thought to myself. Not that I was looking but I think I saw a six-pack but maybe I'm wrong.

"Hey can you crack openly the patio door a little, it's kind of hot in here?"

"Sure" he got got out of bed and walked up towards the door. As he pulled the sliding door I could see his muscles flexing. He must have caught me looking because when I looked up at his face he started smirking.

"Well good night Lanna" he said as he climbed back into bed."

"Night Aron." I really couldn't sleep that night all I could do was think about him and only him.........


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