We went to the movies and we saw the Purge. It was a really great movie.(I really did see it I recommend dat u see it frfr👍)We then went to the mall I really didn't want to go but Ari practically dragged me. We went to the common stores like Aéropostale, Forever21 and Rue21.

"Guys I don't know why your buying me theses things it's not like I'm going to wear it!"

They both looked at me with there eyebrows raised with a smirk on there face.

"I'm not wearing this stuff so yall should go ahead and returned them"

They just carried on walking like I wasn't even there until Te spoke the words that I've been saying all day.

"I'm hungry"

"Okay then let's go to the food court." Ari suggested

We eventually mad it there and I ordered Two slices of pizza from Rachel's and sat down at a table that TeAnna picked.

"So Lanna you ready for Friday." Te asked smiling really big.

"Well yea I was but now she, I pointed at Ari has me scared."

"What did I do?" Ari asked innocently.

"Nothing but I know your up to something I saw it on your face."

We all then began to laugh

"Hey isn't that Aron and his crew over there?" Ari asked

I turned to look at where she was looking and surely it was Aron. His black hair.......oh how I want to run my fingers through them and oh how I wish i can stare into his hazel eyes all day.

"Really Lanna" Te said before her and Ari burst out laughing.

"Aw shit was I thinking out loud again?"

They both shook there head and continued laughing.

"But on a serious note you shouldn't like him he just a player" Ari said looking serious.

"Yea I know.........can we leave now I have lots of stuff to do" I said getting up from the table and collecting my stuff to take to the trash can and they followed.

"And one of them is to dream about Aron" Te mumbled well at least tried to.

"I heard that, I said while turning and walking backwards. You really can't mumb-ahhhhhh!!!" I turned around and walk right into Aron in which he spilt his drink on me.

"Oh crap my bad bae, he said looking at me. Wait I know you your Alanna right?"

"Umm yea" I stated

"Lanna you might wanna come on" Te whispered in my ear.

"Y?" I asked confused

"Look down" she said putting her hand on her head. I looked down and I regretted it. Since my shirt was wet and white my blue bra was coming to view through the thin fabric I blushed.

"I told you you weren't ready" Ari said trying not to smile.

< >

"I can't believe that happened!" I said as we walked in my room.

"Well you better because it did" Te stated.

"Okay since you look sooooo down I'll tell you what my plan is for you birthday" Ari stated happily.

"Ok" I said

"Well I'm going to give you a whole new look and were going clubbing"

"By whole new look what do you mean? And I can't go clubbing I mean we can't go clubbing we not old enough and what about my glow in the dark sweet sixteen?" I asked worriedly

"I mean that embarrassment you felt this evening with Aaaronnn she said while holding the "n" will never be there again, there is also a club that just opened down the street for teens and you can still have your party!

"I don't knowww..... I like my wardrobe" I said completely ignoring everything else she said while looking in my closet at my clothes"

"Then you must like humiliation too!" She stated

I look towards Te an saw her mouthed the words "just do it"

I sighed and shook my head

"Yaaaaaa"Ari clapped

Ughhhh she's right..........shes always right







Soooooo that's the end of that chapie👏

We met a new character!....they'll prob be seeing him a lot😏

Well that's Ari's plan😋





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