Chapter 2

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I awoke warm something hard was pressing against my bottom , I tried to squirm away but was only pulled closer, A deep purr startled me. 

"Stay in bed," a deep masculine voice said as he pulled me closer.  Rage, I was in bed with rage, yesterday's events came rushing back.

I tried to sit up but he just pulled me back and kept me in place, "stay little one, "I could feel his breath on the back of my neck, before I realized he was kissing my neck, his hands caresses me, working their way to my breasts. He gave them a gentle squeeze and a rumble escaped his chest. Suddenly he was on top of me, his lips we on mine.

Desire pooled in my belly, his hands worked there way up my shirt. ran up my belly slowly, finally settling on my bare breasts, he squeezed them firmly his thumbs. I was lost in a fog of desire, I couldn't think straight . His hands touching me felt so right, before I realized his hand was rubbing my core, he kissed  his way down my neck, each kiss making me shudder, when his lips warped around  my nipple I couldn't hold in my gasp. I tried to move away but his right arm went around my waist, his big hand squeezing  my butt cheek, keeping me in place as his other hand kept working his magic , rubbing me as kid mouth alternated kissing, and sucking on my breasts. His teeth lightly scraped my breasts causing me to shudder, my arms wrapping around his face holding him in place. Her growled, deep in his chest,the sound driving me wild.

He nuzzled my breasts and rubbed me more frantically "Rage....I-I," I let out a shuddering gasp as my release came.

A sound of fabric ripping snapped me out of my euphoric cloud . I looked down to see Rage ripping my leggings off, his long thick shaft was  free as his shorts were nowhere to be seen. The sight of it like cold water cooling the flames of my desire.

"Rage I th-"

"I want to taste you little one, I want to lick that sweet cream between your legs, the scent of your arousal is making my mouth water." He purred looking up at me his gaze burning.

"Rage no," I panicked "we can't do this, we need to stop."

"Why?" His Hand  was still massaging my bottom. " I can smell your need for me little one"

"I've never done this," I couldn't hide the blush that crept up my face.

A scary look crossed his face "Even better, you are mine and only mine." A devilish grin spread across his lips.


' she is mine, only mine. Her body would know no other.' I couldn't stop the possessive smile that crossed my face.

"No stop! You are too big Rage, there's no way you'll fit inside me." I could hear a note of desperation in her voice. "I'm not comfortable doing this."

I looked into her eyes and the fear I saw there cooled my desire, a tear ran down her cheek and it broke my heart that I was the one to cause this fear in someone so precious.

"I am so sorry little one," I rubbed the tear from her cheek with the pad of my finger. "I did not mean to frighten you, I should not have lost control like that."

I pressed my cheek to her belly, feeling her warm skin pressed against mine calming the anxiety I felt.

" I think I was in shock yesterday, I honestly still feel a little out of it. I don't normally do this though." She tentatively brushed her hands through my hair, " it was very overwhelming Rage, I'm more frightened I let it progressed as far as we got." her face was flushed. " I don't do casual sex, I never expected to do that with someone I'm not in a relationship with. Do you understand that? I really like you Rage."

"Yes, I don't want casual, I want I you. You are mine." I held her tighter to me.

" what does that even mean ?"

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