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Dahyun and Jimin have been hanging out frequently now. They've been to the amusement park, cafe, park and yada yada.

And somehow Dahyun had been feeling something tingly inside her whenever she's with Jimin. Seeing him laughs, smiles, complimented her.

Tonight is their another night out. Jimin planned to go to the karaoke. Dahyun is now infront of her mirror checking her outfit. (media)

She calls Jimin telling him that she's ready and hang up. It went for 10 minutes waiting for Jimin to arrive infront of her house.

"Hey there, let's go?" Jimin asked handing his hand out. Dahyun hesitantly accepts, she quickly has a hides her face that turns red. Jimin led her to the passenger seat. Then he went to the driver seat and they went off to the karaoke.


Dahyun didn't expect it to be fun and crazy.

Jimin is now screaming the Naruto Shipudden opening. His cheeks have three lines just like naruto. (BTS RUN reference)

Dahyun is laughing as hard as she can while clapping her hands in amusement. She knows that Jimin enjoys this as much as she does.

Few minutes later, Jimin ended the karaoke with an energetic scream, making Dahyun closes her ears.

Jimin then plops down on the couch, breathing heavily due to tiredness.

Dahyun thought of this, what if she just confess here and now? She can't wait no longer. She wants to see Jimin's reaction.

Jimin calmed down a bit before Jimin turns to Dahyun, "Your turn now." He said while smiling slyly.

Dahyun blinks at him. "Ah...w-wait.." Oh my god, Dahyun why are you stuttering?! Jimin notices the mood changed and he quickly holds Dahyun's hand.

Dahyun, suffering from nervousness, quickly takes back her hand and hold it against her chest.

"What is it?" Jimin questions. Dahyun is probably sweating now.

She held her hands together and closes her eyes, taking a deep breath. "The thing is...."

Jimin quirks an eyebrow, listening to Dahyun closely.

"I like you.." She timidly says. "I-I mean, not like as a friend. What i m-mean is, like-like??" She nervously explains.

"W-What?" Jimin asked.

"I said i like you!" Dahyun exclaims, jolting Jimin.

"Ah, whatever you probably see me as a friend so im gonna go... Now!!!" She quickly packs her things and took the snacks from the table.

Dahyun then walks away from the karaoke, leaving Jimin sitting there, not moving an inch. His face is probably as red as a tomato.


Dahyun's P.O.V

I slam the door close, before sliding down hiding my blushed face.

Out of nowhere, tears were flowing down my cheeks. I don't know why, but right now i feel really embarrassed and hurt.

I shouldn't have confessed to him just now.

It would be better if i just wait sooner. But no, i was impatient. I've always hoped for him to confess to me first, but i was the first one to confess to him.

Dahyun, you dummy dum dum.

I got up from the floor and change my attire to pajamas since it's 8 now. I drank the milk from the fridge.

I turn off all the lights downstairs and went to my bedroom. I just realised this night felt cold and chilly.

The lamp was then turned off my me as i went to lay down on my bed. What worries me is that what would Jimin's reaction be like? Shock? Shy? Angry?

It would be much worse if Jimin starts to ignore me whenever we face each other.

The moonlight shone through the windows, being the only source of light in my room.

The sounds of owl making, it calms me down as i soon went to sleep.

Even if Jimin rejects me, i have to accept it, accept the reality. But for now, i have to wait for tomorrow.

Sorry if this short🥺

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