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I think I have a crush.😯


HopeisHobi omg who?

juuuuanjungcook @HopeisHobi it's me shhhhhhh.

jinjinjinjuseyo @juuuuanjungcook omg fr??

Son.wendy @juuuuanjungcook he got bad taste if its true.

SeulBabyBear @Son.wendy oof

JeongggYoo_ it better not be who I think your pretty ass is talking about🗿🗿

Park_Chminn @JeongggYoo_ shut up you look like an ostrich.

JeongggYoo_ @Park_Chminn Being racist towards ostrich I see. Is it because i'm almost as tall as you?

ParkChminn @JeongggYoo_ No youre fucking 169 and the last two digits is a sex position while I am 175💁💁

JeongggYoo_ @Park_Chminn Anyways,,, doesnt change the fact that im more handsome and manly than you so I win💋

Park_Chminn @JeongggYoo_ Omg youre fucking annoying get the fuck outta my household.

JeongggYoo_ @Park_Chminn never been there anyway and that just proves that youre being irrelevant💋

Park_Chminn @JeongggYoo_ OMFG BLOCK.

This just turn out to be a series of JeongMin arguing😂😂

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