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Dahyun is now at a cafe, drinking her coffee while scrolling through her instagram feeds.

A few days have passed since that incident.(Where Jimin pinned her to the wall)

Dahyun's first instinct was to knee Jimin. And then, she's late to her job and was scold by her manager.

She's still wondering why the hell he would do that.

While Dahyun was scrolling through her feed, she felt a tapped on her shoulder and turn around. Only to meet her friend, Nayeon.

Well, Nayeon was her senior back at high school. They've gotten closer since then. "Hey, Dahyun! Didnt expect you to be here!" Nayeon said as she took a seat infront of Dahyun.

"Hey, yeah me too, unnie." Nayeon stared at Dahyun for a few seconds before she slyly smirk. Dahyun notices that so she gives a confusion look.

"So, new boyfriend huh?" Nayeon asks while smirking. Dahyun's cheek slightly blushed before she covers her face.

"He's not my boyfriend!" Dahyun whines while Nayeon laughs.

"Yes, yes. I know. Just teasing." She said. Dahyun sighs before Nayeon gets up to order her drink. Dahyun takes her phone and open Instagram.

The first account she checks is Jimin's. Dahyun felt weird whenever she's with Jimin. Sometimes she feels comfortable and fond with him, but the other times, she feels really uncomfortable and wants to get out whenever she's with him.

It's really confusing.

"Whatever, I'm leaving." Dahyun said as she stands up and grabs her sling bag before handing Nayeon some Won.

"Here," Nayeon's mouth opens widely, showing her bunny teeth. "But I just got here!" She whines.

Dahyun rolls her eyes. "Doesn't matter. Bye unnie." She said as she waves at Nayeon who is also waving her back.


Dahyun is now sitting on a bench at the park while looking at the picture she and Jimin took.

This might escalates fast, but Dahyun was thinking to ask Jimin to be her boyfriend and hopes that he accepts.

That thought made Dahyun's face turns completely red, both at embarrassment and sadness. They only met a for a few days, there's no way Jimin would accept her that fast.

He probably just thinks Dahyun as a good friend

Dahyun has the urge to call Jimin. But the thing is, she doesn't have his number. Then, an unknown message popped up on her messenger.

Hey...It's me Park Jimin
I'm sorry for what i've did that day.
That surely made you uncomfortable.
I'm really sorry.

Dahyun sighs as she saves his number on her phone before replying to his messages.


It's okay..I've gotten over it.

Ah I see...okay..

(A/N:Well the truth is, Dahyun hasn't)

Anyways. Want to hang out again tomorrow?
I was thinking that we can strengthen our bond like that.

Uh sure. Where and at what time?

Han River, 4:15 P.M



Dahyun's lips slightly moved upwards by the cuteness of the male.

While on the other side, Jimin is bouncing up and down on his bed, feeling on top of the world.


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