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A knock on Dahyun's door was heard while Dahyun's drinking her chocolate milk that she made by herself.

She walks towards the door and opens it slowly revealing Jimin with his casual clothes instead of a suit. Jimin chuckles as he sees Dahyun with her chocolate milk.

"So, should I wait?" Jimin asked as he enters the house while Dahyun closing the door.

"Well, the drink is almost finish." Jimin nods before sitting down on the sofa and resting his cheek on his palm.

Dahyun finishes her drink then washes the cup. When she turns around and catches Jimin staring at her, probably with heart eyes.

Jimin continues staring at her untik Dahyun lightly slaps his shoulder. "Quit staring, let's go." She said grabbing her sling bag.

"Yeah, yeah" Jimin chuckles then walks faster to open the door for Dahyun. Dahyun eyes him playfully, saying "Wow, suddenly you're a gentleman."

Jimin faintly gasps, widening his eyes. "I've been a gentleman my whole life!" He huffs, crossing his arms hearing Dahyun giggles.

"Then, what about the first time we met, you just left me walking alone to the restaurant, not picking me up?" Dahyun poutly said, putting her hands on her hips.

Jimin grunts then scratches the back of his neck. "That was just...uhm...I just forgot about it okay?" He answers nervously.

"Yeah, right." Dahyun says then walking out of her house leaving Jimin behind.

They walked together quietly. It's not awkward but peaceful. Jimin had been glancing at Dahyun for a few times now.
After 29 minutes of walking, they finally reached Han River.

Dahyun's admiring the view while Jimin is leaning on the bridge, staring fondly at Dahyun. He then took out his phone and silently capture Dahyun's side profile.

It was beautiful. Plus, the relaxing sounds of cars passing by and the sounds of the river splashing against the surface.

Both Jimin and Dahyun really liked that.

Jimin didn't realised he was smiling the entire time. "I always come here to tone down my angers and sadness.." He said, breaking the silence.

Dahyun turns her head towards Jimin and smiles warmly. "That's nice." She says softly, enjoying the moment she has with Jimin right now.

"Look at how beautiful the sunset is." Dahyun says pointing at the sunset then taking out her phone to took a photo of the view.

"It's beautiful like you." Jimin quietly mutters.

Dahyun stops her movement. She looks at Jimin with her eyes slightly widening. Jimin too, widening his eyes as he realised what he just said.

Both of them turn red. Dahyun laughs nervously "Look, i'm saying the truth but I didnt mean to say it out loud, okay? Sorry.." Jimin shyly says as he averts his eyes, breaking the eye contact.

"Uh..thanks I guess.." Dahyun says before looking back at the view, sunset slowing disappearing. Her face was still red anyway.

"Uhm let me check the time now, oh it's almost seven now! Dinner time right?" Jimin changing the topic, stepping closer to Dahyun. His hands itching to hold hers.

"Ah, yes. I should go back now to make dinner." Dahyun says brushing her hair to the sides. Jimin narrows his eyes.

Dahyun notices it, "What?" Before her hands are grabbed by Jimin's. She gasps and stumbled a bit because of how fast Jimin is.

"H-Hey! Where are you taking me?" Dahyun panicked. She's afraid that Jimin is going to kidnap her and lock her in his dungeon, never to be seen again.

But no, what she saw in front of her now is a fancy restaurant that she probably doesnt know the name of before seeing the sign.

Dahyun's the type of person that does not get takeouts often thats why she doesnt know the name of this restaurant.

Poor Dahyun.

"To here, of course. I am buying you dinner." Jimin monotonously said. "Again?!" Dahyun half shout half whisper. Jimin nods in response, smiling, his eyes shaped like crescent moon.


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