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Im really sorry for not updating in months. I've been busy with family issues. Anyways, time to get sad.

Jimin's P.O.V

After discussing my problems with Jin hyung, i decided that i shouldn't beat around the bush and just confessed my feelings to Dahyun.

I've already called her to meet me yesterday, and now I'm sitting on a bench at the nearby park. It was nightime, probably not the best time to confess.

Looking down at my lap, i know that im not ready to see her. I was panicking. Then, i heard sounds of heels clicking and immediately knew it's Dahyun.

I didnt move my head, just stay at the same position. Until an alluring voice speaks up, "Uhm Jimin... I'm here"

My heart broke as i heard her voice.

I look up, meeting her nervous eyes. We stared at each other before i stood up and back away from Dahyun. I scratch the back of my head.

"Ah, sorry.. I.. didnt see you there..." Im at the verge of crying right now. I look away from her. "You called me because you wanted to... confess... right?"

My heart ache even more.

"Y-Yes about that...I.." I stutters, tears are threatening to fall out. Dahyun notices it, as she grips her jeans.

"I..." I locked my eyes with hers.

"I'm afraid to say that i don't accept your confession. Im kind of unsure with my feelings, i dont wanna push my feelings because i dont know my true feelings towards you now. I—Im sorry, Dahyun..." I explained.

Time stops. That was the moment where Dahyun' s heart fall and broke into thousands of pieces.

Seeing Dahyun's expression slowing turn from sad to confusion. Tears then flowing out of her eyes. She grabs my hand. I tried to pull back but she grips it harder.

"It—It has to be a joke, right? You're joking right?" Dahyun said, giving a small smile while her tears are falling.

I gulp.

I pull back my hand from hers, and did somethinng i shouldn't have done. "No, this is not a joke. But please, let me have my time thinking first." I was half shouting half talking.

Dahyun's smile falls. Her hands was itching to slap me. She then wipes her tears aggressively.

"Fine. If that is what you want, then i'll be waiting for you." She said it to me, that was the time where i regret all of my decisions.

She then walks away, stomping her heels so hard that it might break.

I was devastated.

Turning my back, i walk away slowly with my hands holding. As i was walking, a blue colour butterfly appears infront of my eyes.

I blinked. I reached out for the butterfly and it lands on my hand. Moments after that, rain started to pour down, causing the butterfly to fly away, searching for shelter.

I continue my walks till i reach home.

Dahyun's P.O.V

I am angry, but at the same time, shattered. It was obvious that he would reject me, but i just can't accept it.

It was raining and unluckily, i didn't bring my umbrella. It was all my fault, i was impatient enough to confess my feelings to him first. And look what has happened.

It was all my fault.

Few hours later, i was found on the bed sleeping while hugging my worm pillow.

I woke up at exactly 3 AM. I didnt feel like sleeping back so i drag my feet to the kitchen where the only source of light was the street light outside.

At the same time, a dog was barking. Not gonna lie, it did make me scared a little bit.

Because who wouldn't be scared when it is sharp 3 AM and some random dog just started barking?

I took a cup of water to drink because my throat is dry. I drank all of it before walking to the living room and sat down on the couch.

I turn on the television, a news channel come up.

Same case, same accident, same problems.

The world is getting boring and sadder day by day.

I change the channel multiple times and got bored. I sigh. After a few moments, i went to grab my phone and sat down on the couch again.

The bright light illuminating my face and eyes hurt a lot, since its really dark here.

I turn on the table lamp beside the couch.

When i turn my attention to my phone, i noticed there are many messages from the same person.

32 new messages

I blinked. That's too much of a messages. But at the same time, i felt guilty.

I keep thinking that this is all my fault. And i can never take it back. I love him.

But its weird that i still love him even after his rejection.

Maybe he wasnt ready? He did say he needs sone time thinking. My lids felt heavy. I turn off my phone and the television before getting and turning off the table lamp.

I walk back to my bedroom and sleeps.

I'll wait for you.


My first time writing angst.😔

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