chapter 10-(fresher's party announement)

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next day in collage
                   classes were going on as usual and neil was shamelessely staring avni.finally neil decided to talk to avni.

neil- hi avni! mujhe tumse kuch kehna hai.....

avni- ha.....han kaho.(stamnering)

neil pov:-
             "how come ladydon is talking to me so normally and also stammering?
is she feeling nervous???"

neil- meine tumse sorry bolna chahata hun uss club wale incident ke liye.mera irada timhe neecha dikhane ka nai tha.mein to sirf tumse sorry sunana chahata can u plz forgive me?? i am really..really sry.

avni- neil mein uss baat ko kabka bhul chuki hun.and u are forgiven..

neil- really?? thank u so much avni.
so can we be friends??? (forwarding his hand to her for handshake)

avni- f...f...friends?? (stammering)
           ye....yeah...sure.(they both shake
            i..i...i am leaving. bye !!!

avni rushed from there to the library.
neil was smiling widely due to her behaviour.
suddenly there was a fresher's party announcement by the principal and all were very happy.

vidyut- guys kal fresher's party hai..

riya- haan yaar i am really excited for it....

mitali- kal full masti karenge...

raghav- yo guys...

ali- lekin ek minute, avni ayegi ya nai?

mitali- pata nai yaar..

neil- chalo. jake pucch lete hain.

they all went to library avni was sitting there and was studying one book with full concentration.

ali- avni...(no response)

mitali- avni....(no response)

riya- avni.....(no response)

raghav- guys wait. nujhe pata hai ke
isse kaise distract karna hai..

raghav sleathily went behind avni and screamed in her ears.fortunately the librarian was not present there,
otherwise they all had got punishment.avni got up with a jerk and gave a death glare to raghav.

avni- raghav tu aaj mujhse bachega nahi...

raghav- avni plz !! marna mat..

ali- avni..avni baat to sun.hum tujhe kabse bula rahe the magar tu hai ke  iss book ke andar ghusi huyi thi...

riya- btw ye hai konsi book????

avni- ku....ku...kuch nai.bas management ki book hai.

then she quickly kept that book in the library rack.

ali- accha ye sab chhod.kal freshers party hai.tu aa rahi hai na???

avni- nai.mein nai aaoungi.maan nai hai ane ko.

mitali- plz chal na avni..

neil- avni plz chalo na..sab itna bol rahein hain.

avni- accha thhick hai.mein aaungi.

vidyut- are wah!!! ms.avni maan gayi..
              ab kya tumhare aur neil ke beech woh tom and jerry fighting nai hoti hai kya?? aajkal bade shaant shannt rehte ho ???

neil- nai vid hum ab friends ban chuke hain.

ali-wah!! vry good..ab college mein shaanti rahegi..

avneil(together)-shut up ali..

avni- acha chalo hum ghar chalte hain.

all- haan chalo..

neil eagerly wanted to know that which book was avni reading with this much concentration?? because he knew that she was he made some excuse..

neil-guys tum log chalo.mein kuch books issue karke ata hun..

all-ok.jaldi aana..

everyone went and neil went ro that rack where avni hided the book secertly.he pulled out that book and its name was:-"how love can happen"?

neil pov:-
           "oh to madam ye book padh rahi thi.mujhe pata hai ye book woh kyun padh rahi thi?? mera bhi to yahi haal tha.bas fark itna hai ke mujhe mere feekings ke bare mein pata chal chhuka hai aur woh sayad iss feelings ko lekar abhi bhi confuse hai..lekin dil mein pyaar hai..bas usse yeh ehsaas samjhana hoga.aur ye kaam mujhe hi karna hoga".

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