chapter-5(ladydon avni)

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avni-hlo boys!!!

all boys-hi beautiful.

avni-boys leave her plz.come with me.

boy 1-wow!!so u ar going to come with us??

avni-sure.why not handsome!!

boy 2-leave that girl and catch this girl

neil was observing everything from the other side and also able to hear them as well.neil's blood boiled when the boy told to catch avni.he just threw the ice cream and  move towards avni.but he was just awestruck seeing the sight infront of him.

boy 1-hey beautiful.come here na baby.

avni-sure.why not hotty!!

avni started walking towards that boy and when that boy's hand was reachimg her face she hold his hand  and twisted it hardly.the boy screamed loudly as his wrist was fractured.

boy 3-what have u done girl?u will pay for it.

avni-ok u wanna come??come na plz...

boy 3-ok.i will show u now...

then avni gave a very hard kick in his stomach and he fell down holding his stomach.

boy 4-we will not leve u dare u to bit our friends????

avni- oh really!! sry for that.

boy 4- no sry.u will pay for it.

avni- accha!! so come,pay it off!!

the boy came running towards avni with full speed and when he came ner her she just sided herself to right side due to which that boy's head got bumped into the electric pole.
then avni one by one bitten all 4 of them really harshly and they were all badly injured.the girl thanked avni and left.neil came to avni and was surprised to see this side of avni as well.

neil-avni tum theek ho na???

avni-i am fine.mujhe kuch nai huya hai.

neil-wah ladydon!! amazing.

avni-neil apna phone do.ambulance ko bulana hai.

neil-tumhara phone kahan hai?????
         aur ambulance kyun???

avni- dekho na neil,inn steroids khake muscle banane walon ki haalat kya ho gayi haii!! mujhe inpe daya aa rahi hai.aur tum apna phone kyun nai de rahe ho? balance nai hai kya??leave it.mein bhi kis se pooch rahi hun???
khudka balance to thhick nai rehta hai,phone mein balance kahan se aayega??aur ek baat ke mera phone ka battery na dead ho gaya hai issiliye mein tumse maang rahi thi.warna mere itne bure din bhi nai aye hai ke mein tumse phone lakar kisiko call karun......

neil- like seriously avni!!
         itna sabkuch ho gaya aur tum       abhi bhi jhagadne ke mood mein ho??

avni- mein nai tum..

neil- shut up!bas bahut ho gaya!!chhup karo meri maa.aur phone chhahiye na,ye lo phone.aur ek aur baat mera na jio sim ka 1 year ka recharge hai.

avni-wowww!! gooddd...

neil gave an 'impossible look' to avni.avni called the ambulance then called the police.police came and saluted avni for her bravery.and avni and neil headed towards her bike and started going home.

neil-avni tumne fightining bhi seekh rakhi hai??wah! really good,i am impressed.

avni-haan neil.samaj se inn jaise gangadi ko mitane ke liye hi mene self defence techniques and martial arts bhi seekhi hai.aur mein inke free weekend ke claases bhi leti hun taki har ladki apni raksha khud kar sake.usko kisi hero ka intezar na karna pade jo usse bachaye,balki woh khudki hero ban sake.

neil-wow avni.bahut gehri baat kardi tumne.waise tum itni bhi buri nai ho?
bas gussa bahut karti ho.

so how is it??????

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