chapter 9-(unknown immotions)

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all were sitting and listening to the lecture but our  neil khanna was least interested in it.he was only staring avni.he was sitting in last bench due to which proffesor couldnot able to see him.the class got over and he came to the real world.

neil's pov:-
                    "what was that neil?????
                     why i was staring avni so

all along with avneil went to canteen.
one boy named raj was continously staring avni.he was a new comer neil saw this and was getting angry.raj came towards avni..

raj- hi,,i am a new student.can we be friends???

avni- helllo..

raj- i need some pending notes of recent can u plz help me out????

avni- yeah sure...

neil was burning with anger.the canteen time got over and all went to class.neil got more angry when he saw avni sitting wih raj in one bench.they were busy discussing something.and raj was contiuously staring her..

neil's pov:-
                "why i am getting angry on seeing them together?? what is happening to me???

while thinking this he went and sat on his bench.he was sitting when one girl named tina came to him and sat beside him.

tina-hi handsome....

neil-hi beautiful.......

avni listened this and looked at them. neil was continuously flirting with tina. avni heard this and was unknowingly fuming in anger.neil saw her red face and understood that
she was getting jealous.

neil's pov:-
                "oh so madam is getting jealous?? but why??? she is looking extra
cute with that red face.

avni's pov:-
                 "why am i getting jealous on seeing them togethor?? why???"

the collage got over and all went back to night,,,,,

khanna mansion
             neil is sleeping in bed and is thinking about avni and smiling.he is remembering all the things from the starting.their fight,their nok-jhok,their challenge...almost everything..

neil pov:-
             "why i cant see avni with another guy? why am i getting jealous? is this love?? yess........
yesss it is finally i got my true love in my ladydon avni.and soon i will also confess it.and i know she also loves me because jealousy is the sign of love only.and that red face..ufffff!!
tumne neil khanna ka dil churaya hai na.. iski saza toh tumhe zarror milegi.

mehta mansion
avni is seeping coffee and is continuously thinking about neil and smiling.

avni's pov:-
                 "why i was getting jealous?
                  why i cant see neil with any other girl?? is this love???? no.............
this cant happen and that too with that mr.jhagdalu. no avni,u are overthinking..

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