chapter 29- part(b)

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avni smiled nervously and applied the lipstick.she kept her hair open and went out..hearimg the unlocking siund of the door neil turned
to find avni standing there.....
neils breathe hitched seeing the sight infront if him..avni hwas looking beautiful and hit at the same time..her hair was moving freely.her red lips were aeducing him..and her dress stopped till her mid thigh..
neil headed towards her.. with each step of him her heart beat was increasing..he was only looking into his eyes
then neil sang,

saanson ko saanson mein dhalne do jara,

avni smiled and also sang,

neil- saanson ko saanson mein dhalne do zara,
dhimi si dhadkan ko badhne do jara,
lamho ki gujarish hai yeh
paas aa jayye...
hum hum tum...tum..hum tum...

by this avni was pinned to the wall by neil..avni was only seeing into neils eye and sang

avni- aankhin mein humko utarne do jara..
baahon mein humko pighalne do jara..

saying this she hugged him..

neil- lamho ki gujarish hai yeh paas aa jae..
hum..hum tum..tum..hum tum..
saansin mein saanson ko dhalne do jara..

saying this neil broke the hug
and cupped her face and headed towards her lips..but avni pushed him and started to run in the room...he also ran behind him..
they both were running an d fell on the bed..avni on top of neil..then neil sang,

neil- salvatein kahin,karvatein kahin..
phel jaye kajal bhi tera..

saying this he was kissing her eyes...then avni sang,

avni- nazron mein ho..
gujarta huya...
khwabon ka koi kafila..

then neil tossed their position
now neil was in top of avni..
then neil sang,

neil- jism ko, roih ko jalne do jara...
sharmo haya ko machalne do jara...

avni- lamhon ki gujarish hai yeh paas aa gaye..
hum tu...hum ...hum tum..

neil- saansin ko saanson mein dhalne do jara..

saying this again neil headed towards avnis lips but avni again pushed neil and ran down..neil was running behind him..avni reached in the kitchen panting heavily...
neil came from behind and removed hair from avnis back and started kissing her back..then avni sang,

avni- chhu lo badan..magar iss tarah..
jaise soorila saaz ho...

neil turned her and touched her hair and sang,

neil- hum hain re chhupe..
teri zulf mein..
kholo ke raat azad ho...

then avni ran and a curtain fell on her..neil came to her and removed the white curtain while avni sang,

avni- aanchal ko seene mein dhalne do jara....
shabnam ki boonde fisalne do jara...

neil-lamho ki gajarish hai yeh..
paas aa jaye ....
hum...tum..tum...hum tum.

then neil lifted avni in bridal style and headed towards their room..neil looking at avni sang,

neil- saansin mein saanson ko dhalne do jara..

baahon mein humko utarne do jara..

lamhon ki gujarish hai yeh...paas aa jaye..

they reached their room and neil made avni lie on the rose petal bed...then they both sang togethor...

avneil- hum....hum tum
             hum.....hum tum
             hum.....hum tum

by ending this song neil captured avnis lips into a passionate liplock..soon there
clothes were welcomed by the floor and they both entered into a beautiful, blissful world,and a passionable night...that night avneil finally conssumated their marriage...

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