chapter 29-(avneils major rommance 1)

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avni- neil mein koi bacchi nahi tum mere saath aise games khel rahe ho..kya hai batao na..

neil- patience wifey patience...bas 10 sec aur haan...

then avneil reached garden and neil removed his hand from her eyes and said,,

neil-(smiled) surprise!!!

the garden was beautifully decorated with flowers and heart shaped balloons were scattered in the floor..and there were two special chairs with a round table and some food was kept on it..and in front of the table there was written 'i love u avni' within a heart shape..

avni- wow neil!! this is so beautiful..lekin tumne yeh sab kab aur kaise kiya?? i mean tum to office ke kaam mein busy the na??

neil- haan avni!! busy toh mein tha lekin tumhare surprise ke liye..

avni smiled widely and hugged him tightly...he reciprocated back..they ate togethor and after finishing eating, avni said,,

avni- neil mein aaj ka din kabhi nahi bhoolungi..thank u...

neil- love u more my jaan........
and thank u na bacchakar rakho wifey...aage bhi tumhe
bolna hai..(huskily)

avni(confused)- matlab???

neil- matlab yeh ke tum 10 mins ke baad ghar mein ana...
sab samajh jaogi...ok??

he kissed her forehead and went..
after 10 mins avni entered into the house and it was all dark..she called neil..

avni- neil...neil tum kahan ho??..itna andhera kyun hai?

then suddenly the lights were on and the whole house was
decorated with rose flowers
and red candles...then neil came from behind and said,

neil- avni....

avni turned around and saw neil standing with a beautiful smile on his face..he was wearing a white translucent shirt with white pants..avnis breathe hitched seeing neil like this..his perfectly tonned abs were fully visible through the translucent shirt....he was looking hot..neil came towards avni and her heartbeat fastened..

neil came towards avni and her heartbeat fastened

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(imagine neil wearing this)

avni- yeh sab kya hai??

neil didnt gave reply and and picked her up in a bridal style
and went to their room..

avni- neil tum yeh kya kar rahe ho??

neil- oho tubelight wifey!! ab toh samajh jao ke isse rommance kehte hai..

avneil reached their room and neil kept her down..avni was shocked seeing all the decorations that her romantic hubby did in the was decorated with rose petals and red candles...white curtains were hanging everywhere..some photos were also hunged with decortive lights...the room was smelling very nice..neil gave a box to avni...

avni- neil issme kya hai??

neil- shhhh...(cupped her face)...kuch mat kaho avni..aaj mujhe kehne do..i love u avni...i really do...aur mein janta hun ke tum bhi mujhse utna hi pyaar karti ho jitna ke mein tumse karta hun..aaj mein hamare beech ke saari dooriyan mitana chahata hoon..tumhe jee bharke pyaar karna chahata hun..tumhari aankhon mein doob jana chahata hoon...toh batao avni...kya tum mera saath dogi?? mujhe tumhe pyaar kaene ka izazat dogi??

avni was speechless by now....
she was overwhelmed with happiness..she cupped his face and said...

avni- neil rumhe izazat lene ki koi zarurat nahi hai..mein tumhari hoon neil..sirf aur airf tumhari...mein tumhe bhi pyaar karne ke liye taiyaar hoon..and i love u neil...i love u...

she kissed his forehead..

neil- ab jao...jakar yeh box kholo aur change karke aao..

avni- lekin issme hai kya??

neil- tum jao na avni..pehen ke aao...

avni- ok neil..

avni went to washroom and went numb seeing the dress....
it was a black colour nighty which was fully backless and was very much short in length....

avni pov:-
         "ye kya hai?? itna chhota dress?? neil bhi na, ekdum naughty ho gaya hai..mein isse pehenkar uske samne kaise jaaungi?? calm down avni...calm down..tumhe yeh karna hoga..neil ke liye..uske pyaar ke liye..

(imagine avni in this)

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(imagine avni in this)

avni removed her saree and weared the dress...she saw a red matte lipstick in the box with a small chit in it...the chit said...
"also apply this lipstick wifey..
u will look extra hot with ur red lips...and its of strawberry
flavour...which is my fav..

so how was it??
i know i did wrong in cliffhanging this part...
but what to do??
u have to wait..
issi mein to maza hai..
next-"part (b)"

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