chapter 11-(a)(freshers party and conveying immotions through song)

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avni got ready to go to the freshers party.she was wearing a golden colour off shoulder bell sleeves crop top with a knee length peach colour skirt with black stilleto high heels.
she applied minimal makeup and hair was sleek straight and it was parted in  the middle.she was looking like a doll.
neil also got ready and was wearing a white shirt with a black leather jacket and scratched navy blue jean.he was also looking extra handsome..
all came to the party on time.all girls were drooling over neil and all boys were oogling avni.when neil saw avni
he was again mesmerised by her beauty.they both had an eyelock which was broken by mitali..

mitali- guys kahan kho gaye tum log??

avni- kahin nai....

riya- neil aaj tum extra handsome lag rahe ho..

neil- thankx riya and u too looking hot..

ali- neil dont try to flirt with my gf!!!

avni- chill ali..he is joking...

ali- btw avni tu aaj ekdum doll ki tarah lag rahi hai..

vidyut- haan.bahut beautiful..

raghav- are bhai!! hamari avni to hai hi doll to phir lagegi kyun nai??

avni- guys agar tum logonka praising session khatam ho gaya ho toh party enjoy karein???

all- haan chalo...chalo..

all went near the stage but neil hold avni's hand.

neil- avni kuch kehna tha..

avni- haan neil kaho..

neil- avni u are looking beautiful.(avni blushed)
and u are looking extra beautiful with that blush..

avni-(smaked on his shoulders) neil tum bhi na ek dum pagal ho..

neil(in mind)- tumhare pyaar mein...

neil-  accha tumne bataya nai ke mein kaisa lag rahan hun??

avni- tum aaj bahut handsome lag rahe ho.(neil blushed)
dont blush..tum ladki nai ho..(smiled)

avneil joined the group and they were all dancing.suddenly the song changed to a romantic one.all paired with partners and neil forwarded his hand to avni.

neil- will u dance with me???

avni- haan neil(and gave her hand to neil)

they both joined their hands.neils one hand was on avnis waist and avnis one hand was on neils shoulder.
they were moving their bodies in the beats of song.
the song was:-"tu hi haeekekat,khwab tu,dariya tuhi,pyaas tu...tuhi dil ki bekarari..tu sukoon...tu sukoon.......

neil pulled her closer by her waist and avni chest hitted with neils chest.
avni gasped.avneil were looking into
eachother's eye.neil again twirled her around and pulled her closer.the song ended and they came to the real world and immediately left eachother.avni was blushing really hard and neil was smiling widely...

avni pov:-
          "what is happening to me?????
why i was so close to neil??? and his closeness did not also affected me..but why???"

neil pov:-
           "i was just lost in that dance.i was enjoying being close to avni.her feminine scent was driving me crazy.
but somehow i controlled.."

so the party again continued after the dance.

anchor- so guys..after a romantic dance there should be some now,,i am inviting one of the student
neil khanna on the stage to represent a beautiful song..

ali- yeh anchor kya bol raha hai.neil and singing???

vidyut- haan yaar..bharosa nai ho raha hai..

riya- chalo..dekh hi lete hain..

avni was eagerly waiting for neil to sing the song.neil came on to the stage with a guitar in his hand and started in bold letters:-,

zara si dil mein de jagah tu,
zara sa apna ne le bana,
zara sa khabon mein de sazaa tu,
zara sa yadon mein basa,

all this while neils eye was fixed on avni.he was not at all blinking.he was lost in her.then he continued the song.

mein chahun tujhko meri jaan bepanah,
fidaa hun tujhpe meri jaan bepanah,
wo hoo...wo..ho
wo ho...wo..wo..ho....
wo ho...woo........

everybody was enjoying the song but avni was recollecting neil wanted to say something to avni through this song.avni also started to analize each word of him and smiled.then neil smiled and continued:-,

mein tere mein tere kadmon mein rakh dun yeh jahan,
mera ishk dewanagi,
hai nai hai nai aashiq koi mujhsa tera,
tu mere liye bandagi,

she was continuously smiling.and neil was happy seeing her like this.then he continued:-,

keh bhi de keh bhi de,
dil mein tere jo hai chhupa,
khwaish hai ho trei,
rakh nahi rakh nahi parda koi mujhse ae jaan,
karle tu mera yakeen,

in singing this song he was lost in his own lala world.neil is imagining himself dancing with avni.she was blushing hearing those lines.then he continued:-,

mein chahun tujhko meri jaan bepanah,
fidaa hun tujhpe meri jaan bepanah,
wo ho...ho....wo...ho..
wo ..ho...ho...wooa..ho....

then the song finally ended and avneil came to the real world.

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