Episode 39: It Came Back

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For the most part, today had just been a normal day

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For the most part, today had just been a normal day. I spent an hour or so in the greenhouse with Raymond. Arthur had told us we couldn't bring my brother cuz he couldn't get caught.

Anyway, after that, we went to the cafeteria to get food. We brought it back to my room and snuck some for Del. Otherwise, he might not to get anything at all to eat.

Otherwise, we spent the rest of the day in silence. Del and Raymond weren't talking to each other anymore cuz they ran out of questions.

In the evening, Arthur brought us food. That was weird. He didn't do that much anymore. He mostly did it in the beginning when I was still recovering from my key getting taken.

Either way, I wasn't planning to complain. It meant I didn't have to go into that chaotic cafeteria. It was worst at dinnertime.

He handed me my food before he gave Raymond or Del theirs.

I was secretly grateful for it, too. I was especially hungry tonight.

He gave me a big bowl of stew, a roll, and some corn. I didn't know if I'd ever seen something so appetizing. My mouth was watering and everything.

I dozed off a few hours later. I was happy. I didn't know what was coming next. I might have felt differently if I'd known...


I was somewhere new when I woke up. I was laying in a bed of straw covered with a honey-colored blanket. Heck, I would've sworn it was straw if it wasn't so soft and warm.

Del was sitting a few feet away from me. He was watching something. I couldn't tell what from where I was. The bales of hay blocked my view.

That was when I realized. My shoes were gone. I didn't know where they went.

Del smiled. He always seemed to have a knack for reading my mind. "You weren't wearing shoes. You took them off after you and that kid got back from the greenhouse."

"Oh, yeah... I forgot."

My body felt heavy. I could hardly keep my eyes open. The sweat all over my face wasn't helping either.

"I need you to eat something, alright?" He helped me sit up and set the plate in front of me. "It's lunch time. I wanted to let you sleep in."

I looked at the plate. It had a ham sandwich and a bit of fruit. I ate it since I knew I had to. We needed food just like everybody else.

"How'd we get here?" I asked.

"I did it. I know you don't like being small, but it helped. You don't feel much heavier than you did back then."

Wow. Del was strong. I didn't notice a thing.

Del let me go back to sleep after I ate. I was still tired.

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