My Soul, I Give Thee

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This will be first person point of view all the way through, unless yours truly, Das Furer (joking) says otherwise. Enjoy! : )


I pulled my grey hood over my head as I readjusted the earbuds which connected to my iPod. Currently, my fix was Amazing by Blue October, seeing as I had already listened to it at least fifteen times throughout the course of the day.

It was Friday. And, for me, Friday meant skipping school. Okay, so truthfully, I skipped quite regularly. But, hey, I was a senior, and that's what seniors do, right? They skip. Senioritis. Yep, it happens to the best of us.

Adjusting the volume, I turned to make sure Coach Jackson, the "mean dean" of our school hadn't come looking for me (trust me, he had done it before). I sighed and turned the corner of an old liquor store. At least I was alone. Jaylin wasn't here to bug me about not attending school or critisize my seeming love of the color black--which isn't even a color, really. But she seems to think so. Hey, who am I to ruin the facade of truth for others?

Just then, to my surprise (note the sarcasm), my phone buzzed in my jacket pocket. I pulled it out, needing not look at the caller ID to see that it was Jaylin.

Jaylin: where the hell r u, Dottie?

Me: nw. Don't worry about me, I'm fine. Go back 2 school.

Jaylin: o, so u can tell me to do schoolwork, but u can't?

Me: pretty much, yeah.

Jaylin: lol. ttyl.

I closed the phone. Why did she always think that my sarcasm was hilarious, when most of the time I was directing it towards her. Apparently, she had never heard of the term "ad hominem." Oh well. Continuing to walk forward, I decided to pull out my phone and look at the time. My phone clock read 11:53. Great. Only 3 more hours before I can go home and retreat to the comfort of my room. Nothing else left to do, I decided to take a bus to the next town and hit the mall for food and something to do. After all, who doesn't love the mall?

Upon arriving at the colossal architecture that made up the mall, I received yet another text message. Sighing heavily with frustration and aggravation, I flipped open my phone. Surprisingly, it was from Wesley, one of my best friends (along with Jaylin when she wasn't being ridiculously naive and annoying).

Wesley: hey kid. where r u?

Me: sup Wes. Y u wanna know?

Wes: lol. giving me the cold shoulder two lines into the conversation? I wanna know.


Wes: plz : )

Me: at the mall in Jacksonville.

Wes: cool. meet u @ the food court.

Me: eh?

Wes: bye.

Jerk. How the hell could he possibly be in the same place as me? That was a little weird. Shrugging my shoulders, I entered the double doors to the mall and found my way to the food court (only after stopping at Hot Topic and purchasing a black corset dress with a petticoat underneath, a Black Veil Brides tee, some green and black Elphaba-like stockings, and a Rob Zombie jacket). I held back a grin as I laid my eyes upon a guy with choppy black hair, piercing green eyes, black-rimmed glasses, a white Framing Hanley shirt (funny, considering he looked like the lead singer himself) and black skinny jeans. He bore a huge grin on his face, which made his lip ring look like it was about to pop off--it was none other than Wesley.

"Hey, Wes," I said as I approached him and took a seat across from him, "what the hell are you doing here?"

He chuckled, "Well, I could ask you the same. Nah. Actually, I knew you'd be skipping today and thought I'd join in. School blows."

This time, I laughed, "you got that right. So, what did you want to do?" He pondered for a moment, rubbing his chin as if he had a santa-like beard or something--the weirdo--and slammed his hand down on the table.

"Well....I was thinking we could get food, walk around the mall for a bit, and then go to your place for pizza and video games."

"Hm," I thought, seeing as this plan solely depended on whether or not I got caught and my parents found out I was skipping, "alright. Sounds good. Let's go, Stevie Wonder."

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