My Soul, I Give Thee...4

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Here's chapter four, guys; this is where the action starts up : P


 New town means new school, right? Unfortunately. I fiddled with my clothes, trying to find something to wear. I cursed myself for not washing all my clothes before the big move, but nevertheless settled on an outfit:  a pair of black and red plaid skinny jeans, a plain black V-neck shirt, my Rocky Horror Picture Show hoodie, and my red and black plaid flats. I messed around with my hair until I was satisfied with it..though it almost looked the same as when I woke up.

Heading downstairs, I overheard mom talking on the telephone with someone; so naturally, I slowed my pace until my footsteps were silent and listened in on her conversation--though, to be honest, her voice was so loud, I'm not sure she was even trying to hide anything.

"Yes," she stated, sounding quite irrated--I could tell, of course, "Yes--yes, I understand...I see..Well, thank you anyways, I guess." She didn't even bother to say goodbye to whomever she was speaking to, which meants that she must have really been pissed off at them. I stifled a chuckle, and continued down the stairs, turning the corner to the kitchen where she was standing, her hands on the counter and her face stone-like.

"Morning," I greeted, heading straight for the fridge.

"Morning, sweety," she was still trying to gain her cool; it was evident in her voice.

"So who was that?" I tried to act innocent, as if I hadn't heard anything--not that I heard much in the first place.

"The bus compound." She ran her fingers through her blonde-streaked light brown hair. "Apparently 'the bus doesn't run this way,'" she mocked--I guessed--the bus director.

"Okay..." I wasn't exactly following at the moment. " What's the big deal?"

"The big deal is that neither your farther nor I can take you to school or pick you up. I don't know how you're going to get to school everyday, or home for that matter. It's a bit frustrating, Dot."

"Chill, chill," I gave her a hug before returning to the fridge. "How far away is the school?"

"Not too far. Maybe three quarters of a mile. Why?"

"Seriously? I can walk there."

"Are you sure?" She looked skeptical about me walking alone.

"Sure, no biggy. Well, I better go. Bye, mom." I gave her another hug, abandoned the fridge, grabbed my backpack, and headed out the door....then I went straight back inside. "Hey mom," I called from the doorway. 

"Yeah?" Her voice was vague; she must have been somewhere upstairs.

"Which way is school?" I heard her laugh. Great...yay for stupidity.

"Walk toward Howard Street, hon."

I walked back outside, and headed for the overhead light with the sign that read "Howard St." Yay.. I secretly wished I had gotten lost and not asked for directions.


So far, the schoolday had really been wishy-washy. I had managed to do/get myself into the following:

1)  Lose my way to the Office, even though I had passed the big sign that read OFFICE at least twelve times (I have NO sense of direction whatsoever)

2)  Get a tag-a-long by the name of Elise--she was pretty nice, but she never stopped talking. Ever.

3)  Get hit in the chest with a basketball during gym class. Yee-freakin-haw.

4)  Almost fall into depression when I saw someone who reminded me of Wes.

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