My Soul, I Give Thee...3

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****Two Days Later****

Wes helped me drag my overly-packed bags down the stairs and out into the trunk of the Trail Blazer. Seeing as he had decided to spend two nights instead of just the one, packing was a lot easier and a lot less time-consuming--even though there were times when Wes would comment about something I had in my wardrobe, the perv.

Ironically enough, Jaylin arrived just as my parents suggested that I say my goodbyes. So, with dread, depression, and dismay, I trudged, first, over to Jaylin and gave her a hug.

"I'll text you constantly, don't worry, hon," she stated with a smile and a laugh before returning my hug.

"Yeah, okay," I responded nonchalantly, trying to make her happy, "Plus, I have my laptop, so we can webchat whenever I get the chance." I then directed my gaze to Wes, and walked into his open arms.

"I'll miss you, Creeper," he whispered, tightening his grip on me before releasing it altogether.

"I'll miss you, too, Wes," I almost cried. He smiled warmly and winked at me, patting my shoulder. I took the opportunity to pull him in for another hug before my dad pulled us apart--he didn't particularly care for Wes, to put it nicely.

"Take care, babe," Wes said, just to piss my dad off, and smirked.

"You too," I said, laughing and trying to hold in tears that were threatening to escape; I was about to leave two of the most important people in my life behind for good, and I wouldn't get the chance to come back. Either that, or by the time I could come back, it would be too late and they would both be gone somewhere in another state for college. I sniffled and crawled into the crammed back seat of the Trail Blazer, and my mom immediately pulled off.

When Wes and Jaylin were out of sight, I finally turned my aching neck toward the road ahead; my mom hadn't even specifically told me where we were going yet, so I wondered in suspense. All I knew was that we were headed for the Keys. Woo, I'm filled with excitement....not.

As we drove 'down south'--what most southerners call anything in the southernly direction--toward Hell, I sighed in deep thought, and my childhood curiosity took over; what would it be like there? was the stereotype for Southern Floridians correct--were they all a bunch of overly-tan hicks with blonde hair and I-Try-Too-Hard-For-These-Looks attitudes? would the weather be hot and sticky and humid, just as the rest of Florida was most of the time, or would it be worse? worst of all, what was school going to be like?

My saturnine mood only added to the nervous swelling taking place in my chest, and I wrapped my now-shaking arms around my shoulders, cranked my iPod--my only solace--up, and laid my head full of purple-black hair back against the seat. My eyes now closed, I let the melanchology French tunes of Dark Sanctuary drown out the certain calamity about to unfold before me.


I awoke to the sound of a car door slamming shut; sitting up in the backseat, I could see dad pumping gas to my left, and mom walking toward the store before me. I huffed and dug out some money from my jacket, which had somehow made its way to the floorboard; getting out of the car, I followed mom into the store. After scanning the store, I sought my prey in the candy aisle. I silently "mwuahaha"ed the poor Twix and Butterfinger I had chosen and trudged to the counter, money and candy in hand.

"Hey mom," I began when we both made our way back to the car, "how far til we get there now? I fell asleep, so I don't know how long it's been." I unwrapped the Twix and began gnawing away, awaiting her answer.

"We should be there in about half an hour, Dot, okay?" She smiled. I almost dropped my candy bar.

"How long was I asleep?!"

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