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"Honey calm down," soothed Ares, to his girlfriend. Hephaestus was about to retort; face red and veins bulging, when Aphrodite interrupted them.

"I'm not your honey!" growled out Aphrodite. "The only reason I didn't stay faithful to Hephaestus was because you snuck a love potion into my nectar!"

Ares paled, his features turning into an ashen gray. "How'd you-how'd you- how'd you find out?"

Hephaestus glared at Ares, the fire in the forge god's eyes making the war god's flames in his eyes seem like little specks of red. "So it was you, huh?" roared Hephaestus.

Everyone else watched the three-way battle with interest, following them like a ping-pong match. The difference was that Apollo didn't make some dumb comment that reduced the tension. Artemis felt a stab of pain in her heart, as she realized what Apollo's joking really did. She desperately needed the immature Apollo to come back to her.

"What did you do?" inquired Athena.

Looking to escape from the venomous glares of Hephaestus and Aphrodite, Ares quickly answered the question, grateful for a excuse. "I snuck a love potion in her nectar, and anytime she started getting a clear-head, I gave her more of the potion."

Aphrodite fumed even more, and screamed in Ares's ear, "YOU MADE ME CHEAT ON MY HUSBAND! YOU-" Hephaestus grabbed Aphrodite away from murdering Ares, as she had a murderous look in her eyes. Aphrodite started screaming profanities and several obscenities that would make a sailor blush.

"It's okay sweetheart, I understand now," Hephaestus said, and Aphrodite calmed down. They kissed, a kiss if true love, and a suddenly, Hephaestus changed. His twisted features turned into a flawless face of beauty, with chiseled muscles, and his leg in its metal brace turned normal. Any abnormal feature was turned normal, and Hephaestus looked flawless. His beard was combed and clean; he had bulging muscles, and perfect features. His legs were normal- obviously packed with muscles.

All in all, he looked like the god of beauty.

All of the males stared jealously, and all of the females stared hungrily. The Fates appeared and said in their spooky voices, "True love makes any person beautiful..." Everyone shivered at the Fates arriving, and leaving.

Hephaestus gasped and embraced Aphrodite lovingly. "Thank you," he murmured.

Aphrodite blushed and said, "It was you, not me."

Everyone awwwwed at the loving couple. Hera slapped Zeus upside the head. "You never did this to me, that's why I left you."

Hades groaned slightly, interrupting the lovely moment. "My turn now, right Poseidon?"

Poseidon nodded sagely, "You got it."

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