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"About time," grumbled Hera. Apollo had finally revealed his true nature. You see, all of the Olympians with secrets met together and discussed stuff; mainly about the unfair things that they were forced to do disguising a secret. The even more annoying fact was that the Fates, the very people who had forced them too hide their secrets, were forcing them to reveal their true self.

Hera whacked Zeus, "Now it's my turn."

Zeus looked confused, his stern face turning into one of puzzlement. "What do you mean my dear wife?" His dark and stormy eyes turned into gleaming orbs of puzzlement, electricity crackling.

Hera snorted, "Don't play the 'dear wife' thing Zeus." She spat out Zeus's name like a disease, much like the way Artemis spoke boy.

"What do you mean... Hera?" Zeus asked, bewildered by the change in Hera's demeanor.

"You," shot out Hera. "I don't hate your kids, I hate the fact that you cheated on me to have kids. I hate them, because I can't do anything against you! You're the imbecile king of the gods."

Everyone was even more shocked, but watching a video, the three Fates nodded happily, about the fact that the Olympians were listening to their advice.

Zeus's eyes turned a soft, sky-blue. "Oh Hera, I never knew that!" Zeus exclaimed, his voice silky and smooth, matching his eyes. His voice was soft, patronizing soft.

Hera's onyx eyes turned away, dark brown, almost black like Hades's. "Sure you didn't. Which is why every time I told you that, you'd promise to never do it again, and then go do it again." Hera took off her wedding ring, and stated forcefully, "Well this marriage is over!" With those words, Hera threw her ring as hard as she could at Zeus.

Zeus sat on his throne, with a shocked expression. "Hera..." Poseidon and Hades snickered quietly at their little brother being dumped.

Hera turned away once more, "Just stop Zeus. The fact that you always cheat on me, and I can't do anything about you- just stop."

"Yes Zeus, stop." growled Aphrodite forcefully, surprising everyone. "Your love for Hera was only true love for a few centuries; and as we are immortal, that means nothing. Hera's love has been true to you, always."

If possible, Zeus's face looked even more shocked, as if he'd been struck by his own Master Bolt.

"Well then..." stated Athena, which everyone agreed, summed up the whole situation.

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