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In the throne room full of squabbling Olympians, Poseidon sat deep ind thought. It was the winter solstice so everyone including Hades was there.

"Barnacle Brain! Is your brain filled with so much barnacle you can't even hear me?" Athena asked arrogantly.

Poseidon didn't answer for a long time, and when he finally did, it was in a intellectual manner. "Athena, just because I'm not as smart- I'm not the wisdom god you might notice- doesn't mean I'm dumb or in your case, a Barnacle Brain."

The throne room was hushed into silence, as everyone was used to Athena and Poseidon starting out the meeting by arguing. Nobody had ever seen Poseidon so serious, except Hades and select others. Even Zeus was shocked.

Meanwhile, another shocking discovery was being made.
"Apollo!" raged Artemis at her twin. "Get a grip and stop behaving like an immature playboy!"

There was a long pause, as everyone was eager to see his response. Apollo responded, "Fine then!" Anger evident in his voice.

"You want to see the real side of me?" Apollo questioned, rare seriousness found in his tone. Artemis shook slightly. She'd never seen this side of Apollo before, and she was nervous. Especially with Apollo's last words.

Apollo had been in his 20 year-old form, but he changed into a 30 year-old form. Apollo's bright sky blue eyes turned dark and stormy, much like Zeus's. "Happy?" he demanded, his voice serious and cold. Everyone stared shocked, and Zeus started throwing mini sparks off which didn't help at all; instead raising the tension even more.
Artemis was afraid. Yes, Artemis the goddess of the hunt was afraid. She was afraid of her younger twin, the one person who she would've never thought of being afraid of. "Why?" she asked, the only word that she could say.
Apollo opened his mouth, but before he could say anything, Hera interrupted. "I may not like Zeus's children, but Artemis, what you have shown was not family."

"I should know," added Hera.

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