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Muttering darkly, Hades began. "You don't know how I feel Zeus,"

Zeus snorted. "You just want to take control and rule over don't you?"

"Tartarus no!" laughed Hades, "Everyone else is allowed on Olympus full-time, except me. The oldest son of Kronos and Rhea isn't allowed with all the other siblings!"

Poseidon glared along with Hera, at Zeus. Even Hestia glared at Zeus. Zeus shrunk into his throne, wishing for once to NOT be the center of attention.

"I always feel so left out, always alone! At least Poseidon actually visited me," Hades said. His tone was dark and mysterious, yet there was a hint of anger amidst it all.

Zeus fumed angrily, until he couldn't hold it in. "POSEIDON! HOW DARE YOU! I specifically banned you from VISITING HADES-"

Poseidon interrupted by blasting seawater into Zeus's face. "I'm very sorry," Poseidon said, not a hint of sorry in his features, "but, I'm really not." He finished, grinning. Everyone stifled laughs, and Hermes promised himself not too laugh, but one look at Zeus, and he exploded. Hermes guffawed, catching Apollo's eye who in turn also started laughing hysterically. Athena stayed strong, but Zeus being doused in water was too much even for her. Hera turned around, concealing a small smile, and Artemis stared on, shocked. Artemis suddenly laughed at Zeus as he struggled to find words- Artemis's serious facade fading away.

Zeus's face turned red, his pin-striped suit dripping water, but before a single word could be said, shadows wrapped around his mouth. "My turn remember?" sighed Hades exasperatedly. Hermes laughed even harder.

"I've never been allowed, always the outcast. My children are also treated like outcasts, because of you Zeus." Hades sneered, an evil and leering expression fixated on his face. "And don't you dare say my domain is different because Poseidon is allowed!"

Hades huffed, his pale complexion starting to have a little color from his rage. "If I could, I would demand for a revolt and for a different king; Poseidon would be better, anyone but you, dramatic little pest."

Zeus growled, and snatched his Master Bolt. The shadows slipped off his mouth, and he roared, "Think again!"

Before he could fire, Apollo's hand drew back an arrow. "Think again father," said he, his tone steely.

Hades shot a grateful glance, and continued. "Yes Zeus, put down your firecracker and LISTEN!"

Then Hades grinned, a weird expression on the Underworld god. "On the other hand, it's Poseidon's turn!" Hades added, "And I look forward to this."

Athena snorted. "Like Poseidon could even have a intellectual conversation."

"You'll see," smirked Poseidon, his smile unnerving.

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