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Poseidon continued grinning, but once he spoke, his face turned stormy. "I've always been pushed to the side..."

Zeus harrumphed.

"I didn't bring Medusa to Athena's temple, you forced me too. You threatened me with relieving my position as a god!" roared Poseidon, the ground shaking slightly.

Athena gasped, putting a hand over her mouth; she didn't know that. "How do we know you're telling the truth?" inquired Athena snootily, grey eyes flaring at the thought of Poseidon accusing Zeus.

"I swear upon the river Styx, that every word I'm saying is true." Poseidon intoned solemnly. Thunder boomed, but nothing happened. Poseidon was telling the truth.

"Anyways," continued Poseidon, "there's something else you might have wanted to know. I was actually supposed to be the king of the gods, that's why I was granted earth powers. But I decided to be a good brother and let you rule Zeus." Poseidon snorted, while Zeus digested that fact. "Wha-" he stuttered out.

"And of course my actions come back to bite me in the butt."

Hades grinned. His favorite part was coming up. Hermes shivered nearby. "Stop grinning Hades!" he exclaimed. "It's creepy!"

Hades frowned, and then groaned once he heard Demeter... "You should eat more cereal Hades, then you skin won't be so pale and-" Poseidon cut her off.

"Ah Zeus, for a king you sure are greedy and selfish." Poseidon sighed.

Zeus growled, and grabbed his Master Bolt. "You dare?" Was all he got before, 1) the the ground beneath Zeus's throne rumbled, 2) shadows flew through the air at Zeus, and 3) cows stampeded along with mice.

Shadows wrapped around Zeus trapping him on his throne. The ground caved-in under Zeus's throne, and cows and mice jumped on him. A huge amount of seawater fell upon Zeus, and everything else scattered.

When Zeus got up, his suit was dripping water, his hair sticked onto his face, and quite a lot of feces were on him. He opened his mouth, probably to yell, and slipped on the mud.

Hermes chuckled, and started taking pictures. "Leverage..." Hermes said an evil expression fixed upon his face. Everyone shuddered, moving away from the god of thieves.

Poseidon continued. "You know Zeus, we broke the oath, so only Hades should be allowed to rage and try to kill our children,"

Hades interrupted. "I didn't try try to kill your children Poseidon," he said before glaring distastefully at Zeus.

Poseidon nodded, and said, "Yet Zeus attempts to kill my children, when he HAD TWO! And he tried to kill yours Hades, before the oath was even said." Hades eyes flared up at the mention of his dead wife, and the room grew colder as more shadows crept up the walls. Apollo lit up half the room, making sure Zeus got the full view of the shadowy part.

Even Ares glared at Zeus muttering, "Unfair fight."

Zeus fumed silently, not wanting to have the same treatment as before.

"Yet Zeus tries to kill my children. I haven't tried killing yours Zeus, so why?" asked Poseidon. "Oh that's right, because you're a paranoid overgrown brat." answered Poseidon.

Zeus grabbed his Master Bolt, unable to not do anything. Instantly, a volley of golden arrows flew through the air striking Zeus's hand, and sticking him to the wall. "Not yet father," sneered Apollo.

"YOUR CHILDREN MAKE UP ALMOST HALF OF THE COUNCIL!" roared Poseidon. "No offense to you guys," added Poseidon. Poseidon's cheerful green eyes turned dark green, and he had a murderous expression on his face.

"And are my children allowed on the council, or Hades's? Or anyone's?" Poseidon asked. He didn't have to answer it, because everyone thought it in their heads. No...

"Plus, with my domains covering 2/3 of the world, I could easily overthrow you. But with my fatal flaw being loyalty, I don't." Poseidon grimaced. "I can't say the same for you unfortunately.

"Besides, I was actually supposed to be king." Poseidon let out a bitter laugh. "But with my kind heart, I gave the throne to you. Why else would I have earth and water as my domains? I was meant to be king, but I was didn't want it." The council was shocked. Hades knew about this, as he was the one to refuse the offer when Poseidon had asked him to be king. Zeus paused, mouth open to retort before he realized what Poseidon had done for him.

Poseidon's eyes turned back into their normal shade of green as he let all of his rage out. "My turn is now over."

Zeus grabbed his Master Bolt as soon as Poseidon finished, and threw it at Poseidon. Even if it was unfair for Poseidon, he had no right to assault the king!

Everyone was too shocked to react.

Before anyone could react, a misty, shadowy, gas thing appeared and snatched it out of the air. "I am Chaos, and I don't allow you to do that."

"Uh...what?" Zeus asked dumbly.

The thing frowned. The fog turned into the apparition of a man, and it was a man who radiated so much power, Zeus seemed like a rock or a small insect in comparison. "Better?" asked Chaos. Chaos had a black suit on with a normal face, but his eyes... They were starry and galaxies swirled around. "Now, I can't allow you to kill them, after all the Fates don't allow you to do that, but you messed up fate?" Chaos's face scrunched up into confusion at the end.

Chaos glanced down at his watch. "I am Chaos creator of all, and I gotta go now," Chaos snapped his fingers and disappeared.

"Dramatic much?" stated Hades with his eyebrows raised in a bemused expression. Hermes quickly took a photo, and update his profile and Godbook. His caption was, 'Hades is interacting!' It 1k likes, almost as soon as it was posted.

A voice boomed around, echoing through the throne room. "Someone had to teach him!"

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