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"But what do you mean?" persisted Artemis, as she tried to find the answer on why her twin was suddenly acting mature. Hera had even stood up for Apollo, so what did she know that Artemis didn't?

"Because of you," replied Apollo calmly, not at all bothered by Artemis pestering her. "In the beginning, it was us. We hunted together, and you enjoyed my company. But as the years went by, your hatred of men started- and grew. You even pushed your own twin away. I always hoped we could live the life we used too, but I know that can't happen. So, it's time I stopped hoping for what's in the past, and move on to the present."

Artemis and everyone else was flabbergasted. "But why did you become the person I disliked? Always immature and flirty."

Apollo sighed. He rubbed his temple and took a breath, "Once again, because of you. I realized if I was mature and all of that, you were always busy, ignoring me, and telling me to cheer up, saying that I was too serious. Once I changed, yes you disliked me, but I was still in your life. After all, as the god of prophecies, I'm not an idiot, and I see all the horrible things men do- including women."

Artemis was in shock. She couldn't believe it. But as Apollo talked about the proceedings a millenia ago, she felt a stir of memories rushing up in her.

She remembered how they would go hunting, how she told him all her problems, how he told her answers and comforted her, and strangly, she remembered how she pushed him away.

"Apollo..." Apollo raised his hand, stopping her.

"I have a haiku for this." Apollo stated, and for once, nobody complained about it.

"Once was the present,

now the past, unchangeable,

forever seperated."

Artemis felt her heart break a little at his words. "That was the most heart-touching and honest haiku I've ever heard." hesistantly stated Hermes with a grin at Apollo. Apollo replied with a sad smile.

That's when Hera spoke up again.

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