Chapter 33

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Gary throws a bag in the bed of his pickup and smiles. No time like the present. As he turns the key the engine rumbles to life. He lets it idle a minute before putting it into reverse and backing out of the driveway.

He counts the miles by tens until he pulls into a fuel station for gas. Before getting back on the road he grabs a Coke and a package of crackers. With his blinker on he looks one way and then the other and back again. He is about to pull onto the road and an eighteen wheeler blares his horn and plows on. Gary shakes his head. "Idiot."

After checking once more he pulls onto the road. With a spin of the knob he turns the music up a little louder than normal. Then a thought hits him and he pulls out his phone. A quick glance here and there he manages to find his sister's number and hit call.

"Hey, Gary! What are you up to?"

He puts it on speaker phone with a beaming smile. "Well, I'm on my way to your place, actually."

"Are you kidding? That's a surprise! Brooke said you had been tied up looking for cattle."

"Yeah, I had been. And please don't say anything about this to Brooke I plan to surprise her."

There is a shriek. "How romantic!"

"Hey, can you get her over to your house this evening?"

"Sure thing!"

He grins. "You're the best Little Lynn! See y'all in a bit." With that he hangs up and puts his full attention back on driving.

With some good music playing through the radio, his mind rehearsing words, and his eyes on the road the miles roll on by at a slightly alarming rate. At least with the task ahead of him it seems a little alarming. Before he knows it he is stopped at a gas station fueling up. He pulls out his phone and scrolls through his contacts looking for that number.

Brooke scrolls through the endless photos of this car and that. One has too many miles, the next one is a little small, the one after that has too big of a price tag! She groans and pushes her chair back. Just as she does the front door pops open and in strolls Jeremiah.

"What you up to?" He asks as he sets his lunch bag down on the table and begins to unload it of the empty containers and half thawed ice packs.

She stands and grabs the pitcher of tea out of the other side of the fridge he has open. "Car shopping. I didn't remember it being so annoying."

He laughs, but doesn't say more. With the contents out of it Jeremiah puts the bag in a cabinet. Lazily he strolls over, pulls out a chair beside hers, and begins to study the computer screen. "What color do you want?"

"I'm not picky," she comments as she places two brimming glasses of tea on the table.

He rolls his eyes and scrolls to the next one. "Do you want something the same size or bigger?"

She narrows her eyes at him. "I'm not that naive or stupid. Bigger. There is no way another one of those little things would make it any longer than the last one." 

Looking up at her he laughs. "Well, I was only trying to be open to whatever you wanted. It is your money after all."

"I'm well aware," she mumbles before taking a drink of the cool liquid.

Again he laughs. "I can loan you some."

"With more interest than it's worth!" She laughs with him this time. It has been a while since he has really sat down and paid her much attention. Until now she didn't know how much she had missed it.

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