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"Navya I need to talk"

Navya just nodded in response.

There was an awkward silence between these soulie, which they never had before......Nandini didn't know what to say....Where to start.......
And Navya she was hurt somewhere.....She was hurt due to Nandini's behaviour....Not only Nandini's silence....BUT Nandini pushing away everyone...This was so not Nandini Murthy... Nandini was someone who used to gell up even with a stranger within 5 minutes...She was always sweet....She never raised her voice....BUT now she's always silent, pushing away everyone...always lost and the way she's pushing away Manik, Navya isn't liking this at all... Navya knows how much they love each other. How much they are into each other. There was a time when these 3 used to understand each other.  They didn't need to explain each other . But now,  everything has been changing all because of Nandini's SILENCE!!! Why is she doing this? No one knows& even somewhat deep inside her heart even Navya knows that even Nandini doesn't have any idea what is she doing these days. She isn't doing all these on purpose but all due to the mess in her mind. She's again....slowly alipping into depression. She doesn't want Nandini to be the one she was before. She doesn't want Nandini to loose her essence; her innocence, her purity, her pure heart & soul. But what if she's already lost it? What if she's lost her sanity?  She was really scared & worried for her soulie. As for Navya it was always Nandini after her mom. And she can't afford to loose her. And she won't let Nandini loose herself at any condition. Finally after minutes of dreadful silence, Navya decided to break it.

"Nandini, you wanted to talk right?"
"So?? What are you waiting for?  You know you can talk to me about anything right?"
"I know that Navya. But it's not just anything."
 Navya just gave her a questioning look.

"Navya...Navya....wo...wo...You know right what I've been through....Not only you...Manik, Aryamann, everyone of you know right...amm....Ï Don't know...don't know how do I say it....

"Nandini. Ï know everything, everything about your past, past years but not what happened in past weeks. I don't want to force you. It's all upto to you. You can come to me and you know I'm all yours and all ears for you."
"And that is why I'm here."
"Then, why is there so much of awkwardness between us which never existed before? This is not us Nandini. Don't think that only you're hurt. Even we're hurt here. It's never you alone. It's always us and this time in US it's not only YOU & ME. It's YOU, ME & MANIK as well."

"Navya, I'm scared the history might just repeat itself." 

And now, when finally Nandu opened up, Navya had no any idea what should she say. She was blank. For a fraction of second, Navya didn't even understand and when she did she was beyond scared. Nandini's past not only scared Nandini but Navya and everyone as well. But deep down, Navya knows she has to be strong. She has to be strong for her best friend, her soul sister and for MaNan as well.  She took few minutes to compose herself and spoke.

"But Nandu what makes you think like that? What actually happened?"

"Navya first promise me you won't tell a word about this to anyone. I will tell it to everyone, to Manik. I know everyone is waiting for me to open up. Everyone is waiting for my answers and even though I don't want to answer, I know I'm answerable. I have to. And you being by bestest friend and soul sister, I'd to start it with you. But to open up with others I still need a little more time."

"Hmmm... ï can understand."

But little did they know somewhere something else was being planned for Nandini. 

But what?


Next day

Nandini wakes up first and goes to her room and finally notices the orchids neatly placed on her bed side table. She smiles looking at it. She knows who might have brought it for her and picks it up to smell it. She inhales the smell and then keeps it in a vase. Then, she notices a note which was placed neatly just beside the bouquet. She smiles as knows, the page belonged to her diary. And no one uses her diary to write notes except HIM! She smiled warmly at this gesture. She genuinely smiled after days.

But, how long will it last?

She opens the note and reads it.
Then, after she completes reading the note or the letter left by her Manik, next thing she knows is, that she hysterically runs to Navya's room where Navya was sleeping peacefully unaware of everything.

Nandini barges into Navya's room and jerks her off the bed and Navya wakes up with a shock.

"Ohh my God Nandu, who wakes up a person like this?😒🙄"

"Na....Nav.....Navya... He's left!!"

"What?? Who? "


It's only then, Navya noticed her best friend was crying real bad..


Here Manik checked out from his hotel early in the morning and directly goes to the airport.
He reached 30 minutes before his reporting time for airport.

He takes a newspaper, his favourite sports magazine and a cold coffee to pass his time.

He looks all cool, composed and calm.

Finally, after a long wait. It was time for him to board his flight. He hadn't still switcher his phone on.

The flight was as usual. He reached Bangalore by next 90 minutes.

As soon as his flight landed and he was out he took a cab, he went to his flat deposited all his bags and luggage. Then, took his car keys and his office bag and left for his office. 

Finally, he switched on his phone and the first thing he did was HE KEPT NANDU & NAVYA'S NUMBER IN AUTO-REJECT LIST!!!

This boy has some guts.

What is he upto? No one has no any idea. Only if one could read his mind.

Then finally, Mr. Manik Malhotra calls hus boss and informs him that he'd be in his cabin in next 30 minutes.


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